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What is Dimensional colour and how do you get it at your next Hair salon appointment?

What is Dimensional colour and how do you get it at your next Hair salon appointment?

Dimensional hair colour, what is it and how do I get it?  What are the main techniques that hairdressers use to achieve that natural, lustrous hair colour brilliance we are all after?  Read on to find out more.

Dimensional hair colour is a technique used to create a range of tones of hair colour in your hair.   Have you ever experienced “flat” hair colour?  This very much happens when your hair colour grows out and your natural regrowth starts to come through,  usually being just one flat colour that does not have any dimension.

We hope that this article will guide you through all the very different hair terminology, collectively these techniques create dimensional hair colour. At Anaka Hair in Melbourne we specialise in Dimensional hair colour and are expert colourists for all shades of blondes, brunettes and all hair textures.

How do I get rid of “flat” hair colour?

The team at Anaka hair Melbourne are specialists in hair colour,  we consistently see hair colour that is “flat”, dull and lack lustre .  We can help you get rid of your “flat” hair colour by adding dimension to your hair colour, intricately placing highlights to your hair, low lights and applying specially placed colour placements to the crown of your face to create beautiful hair colour framing around your face.

What is a base colour for my hair?

A base colour for your hair is what we refer to as the colour that is either applied to your hair roots or your natural hair colour (sometimes to optimise your natural hair colour we may leave it in its natural state).

At Anaka hair we may apply a base colour to your entire hair and all over to create the perfect base and all over colour cover.  This will allow us to then start applying highlights and foils to create the signature dimensional – shimmering hair colour looks that Anaka Hair Melbourne is known for.

What is colour contrasting?

At Anaka you may hear your hair stylist mention contrasting, this is when we may place much lighter high lights (high contrast – when compared to the surrounding hair) and provide a more dramatic look.   Sometimes if our clients want a more natural tone we may use a technique called lower contrast highlights.  Which results in a more natural look.

Am I better suited to Cool tones or warm tones?

We sometimes mention that your hair may suit cool or warm tones.   As a general rule of thumb cool tones can apply to blondes, brunettes and red shades.  Cool colours include platinum, blondes, ash browns and plum reds.    Warm colours include, browns, copper and gold.   Warm colours has undertone shades of yellow and orange.

What is double processing my hair and is it safe?

We may double process your hair.  This simply just means that we may apply two different methods of colour to your hair in one appointment.  We generally apply a first colour service, wash and dry your hair and then do a second colour.  This could include lighting your hair and then applying a toner or placing permanent colour followed by a hair treatment like a gloss.   Your Anaka Hair stylist/colourist will ensure it is safe and not cause any damage to your hair.

What is face framing in hair colour?

Face framing is a technique we use.  You may hear the terms highlights and baby highlights, these are strands of hair colour that are carefully placed to frame the face and create beautiful and natural pops of natural hair colour.

What is hair highlights and lowlights?

Applying highlights is a traditional technique that isolates sections of hair that is used to lighten the colour from its base colour.    Hair low-lights is a technique we use to darken your natural colour, at Anaka hair Melbourne we use warmer tones to create this style of multi-dimensional colour.   We use these techniques to create natural dimension in your hair colour and different colour tone within your hair.

What is hair painting?  And how do hair stylists do it?

Hair painting also known as balayage is one of our favourite colour techniques here at Anaka Hair Melbourne it is also one of our most popular colour services.  This process is the application of free-hand painting or sweeping hair colour lightener to make your hair strands lighter than the natural colour.  We love using balayage/hair painting on our clients hair as it is used to create dimensional colour that is softer and more natural.   It is what gives our clients that melting in colour look and wonderful natural grow out of colour.  It’s the perfect technique to use if you are wanting to spread out your hair salon visits.

What is rebalancing my hair colour mean?

We may sometimes refer to rebalancing your hair colour.  This is all about bringing the hair back into balance and can be treated with a combination of low lights, highlights and glazes.

What is the texture of my hair?

We often discuss with our client the texture of their hair.   This may mean your hair is fine, coarse, medium or damaged.   Our hair stylist team at Anaka Hair will carefully select the correct hair colouring techniques and hair colour products that are best suited to your hair colour and condition.

Fo more information about what kind of treatment or hair colour that is best suited to your needs.  Call us at the salon for a free consult on 03 9509 9151.