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We work with the highest quality, ethically sourced human hair extensions from Great Lengths and Amazing Hair. Add more length, volume or even colour dimension with our leading range of hair extension methods and a team of Melbourne’s leading stylists.

With a diverse range of Human Hair Extensions available in wefts, tape or keratin bonds, Anaka is your go-to for Hair Extensions in Melbourne. Through our innovative, creative, and certified hair extension specialists, you can trust our Melbourne-based hair extension specialists at Anaka to achieve your desired results.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

  • Up To $50 Off First Visits
  • Natural Results
  • Highest Quality 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Ethically Sourced
  • AfterPay & Humm Available
  • Incredibly gentle on the hair
  • Easy to apply and remove

Types Hair Extensions at Anaka

Weft Extensions
Amazing Hair
Weft Hair Extensions:
20 inches
  • Half a head $219
  • Full Head $438
24 inches
  • Half a head $239
  • Full Head $478
Application Costs:

$160- $185 per hour

Hair Extension Maintenance:
  • Use of specialised products
  • Lift required for wefts every 6-8 weeks
Hair Extension Lifespan:
  • With the right products and care, the hair extension's life span is one year
Keratin Bond Extensions
Great Lengths Keratin Bond Hair Extensions:
  • Filler from 50 keratin bonds
  • 3/4 head from 90 keratin bonds
  • Full head from 120 to 160 keratin bonds
  • Individual 40 cm Bonds from: $7.40
Application Costs:

$160- $185 per hour

Hair Extension Maintenance:
  • Daily brushing with a specialised brush
Hair Extension Lifespan:
  • With the right products and care, the hair extension's life span is between 4 to 6 months


Why is Anaka the Premier Choice for Hair Extensions in Melbourne?

When it comes to elevating your hair’s beauty and allure, hair extensions stand out as a transformative solution. And in the bustling heart of Melbourne, Anaka shines as the beacon for unparalleled hair extension services. Here’s why:

Expertise & Craftsmanship: Anaka boasts a team of dedicated hair specialists who are trained in the latest techniques of hair enhancement. Their expertise ensures that every hair extension is applied meticulously, resulting in a seamless blend with your natural hair.

Quality & Authenticity: At Anaka, we understand that quality is paramount. Our salon exclusively uses top-tier, genuine hair extensions, ethically sourced from the finest providers. This ensures longevity, natural appearance, and minimal maintenance.

Bespoke Solutions: Understanding that every individual’s hair is unique, Anaka offers tailored hair extension solutions. Whether you’re seeking a little bit of filler, volume, length, or a splash of colour, we craft an approach designed for your specific needs.

Trendsetters: Located in Malvern, one of Melbourne’s fashion-forward locales, Anaka remains abreast of the latest global hair trends. Our clients don’t just get hair extensions; they get a style that resonates with contemporary fashion statements.

Holistic Haircare: Beyond just applying hair extensions, Anaka believes in the holistic well-being of your tresses. Our post-extension care advice ensures that both your natural hair and extensions remain in pristine condition.

Client-Centric Approach: The Anaka experience is not just about hair extensions. It’s about understanding client aspirations, ensuring comfort during the process, and guaranteeing satisfaction post transformation.

Trusted Name: Over the years, Anaka has cultivated a reputation in Melbourne, and particularly in Malvern, as the go-to destination for hair extensions. Our clientele’s testimonials and consistent positive feedback stand testament to our commitment to excellence.

In essence, Anaka isn’t just a salon; it’s a hair extension experience that promises transformation, authenticity, and style. When in Melbourne and thinking of hair extensions, think Anaka – where your hair dreams are actualised.

What are Keratin Bond Hair Extensions?

Keratin bond hair extensions, often referred to in the beauty industry as fusion hair extensions, represent a pinnacle in hair enhancement techniques. But at Anaka, a renowned salon nestled in the heart of Malvern, Melbourne, these aren’t just ordinary extensions; they’re a manifestation of hair artistry. Let’s delve deeper:

The Essence of Keratin: Keratin, a natural protein found abundantly in our hair, is used as the foundation adhesive for these extensions. At Anaka, we utilise a premium keratin adhesive, ensuring that the bond is not only strong but also respects the integrity of your natural hair. This approach guarantees minimal damage and a more organic bond with your hair.

Precision Application: Our seasoned hair specialists at Anaka are trained in the meticulous art of applying keratin bond extensions. Each strand is attached individually, ensuring every bond is perfectly positioned for both aesthetic appeal and the comfort of wear.

Blend & Beauty: One of the standout features of the keratin bond hair extensions at Anaka is their discretion. The bonds, while durable, are designed to be incredibly discreet. They blend seamlessly with your natural hair, ensuring no one can tell where your real hair ends and the extension begins. This seamless integration promises a natural flow and movement, mirroring the natural beauty of your tresses.

Longevity with Care: Given the robustness of the keratin bond, clients can enjoy their extensions for a prolonged period. However, what sets Anaka apart is our dedication to post-application care. Our experts provide tailored advice and solutions, ensuring your extensions, as well as your natural hair, remain in optimal condition.

The Anaka Assurance: Choosing Keratin bond hair extensions at Anaka means you’re not just opting for a hair service but a holistic experience. From the initial consultation to the final reveal and beyond, our commitment is to ensure your hair embodies beauty, strength, and elegance.

In summary, Keratin bond hair extensions at Anaka elevate the concept from merely being a hair enhancement technique to an unparalleled journey of hair transformation, all set within the stylish backdrop of Malvern, Melbourne. When it’s about fusion hair extensions, Anaka promises – and delivers – nothing short of perfection.

How are Weft Hair Extensions different from other types?

Hair extensions offer many choices for those seeking an instant transformation, but at Anaka, nestled in the stylish enclave of Malvern, Melbourne, we believe that every hair extension technique is an art form in itself. Weft hair extensions, in particular, hold a distinct place in the spectrum of hair enhancement solutions. Let’s explore how:

Structure & Design: Unlike other extensions that are applied strand by strand, like the Keratin bond extensions, weft hair extensions are designed as a continuous piece. This weft, or curtain of hair, is masterfully sewn onto braided sections of your natural mane. At Anaka, we pride ourselves on the precision with which these wefts are integrated, ensuring a full-bodied, voluminous look.

Custom Tailoring: One of the unique offerings at Anaka is the customisation of weft extensions. Recognising that every individual’s hair and scalp needs are different, our seasoned experts meticulously measure and adjust the weft extensions to ensure a snug fit, optimal comfort, and an impeccable blend with your natural tresses.

Versatility in Styling: The broader coverage of weft extensions allows for a more holistic transformation. This means that the resulting look offers a rich volume and a consistent flow from root to tip. Clients at Anaka often revel in the newfound versatility in styling, be it waves, curls, or straightened elegance.

Dedication to Hair Health: Unlike some extension methods that might strain individual hair strands, the weft method distributes the weight across a larger section, reducing potential stress on your natural hair. Anaka’s commitment to hair health ensures that we utilise methods and products that prioritise the well-being of your mane.

The Anaka Touch: Just as with our Keratin bond extensions, choosing weft hair extensions at Anaka means embracing a journey of hair artistry and transformation. Our specialists in Malvern don’t just apply hair extensions; they sculpt them to perfection, ensuring every client walks out with a renewed sense of confidence and style.

To sum up, while various hair extensions bring their unique flair and advantages, the Weft Hair Extensions at Anaka represent a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and hair health. For those in Melbourne seeking a voluminous, naturally flowing hair transformation, Anaka’s weft extensions are the epitome of excellence.

Which lasts longer: Keratin Bond Hair Extensions or Weft Hair Extensions?

In the glamorous world of hair enhancement, the longevity of hair extensions is a pivotal consideration for clients. At Anaka, both our Keratin Bond Hair Extensions and Weft Hair Extensions have been meticulously crafted to offer lasting beauty. But how do they compare in terms of endurance?

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions: Rooted in the power of keratin, a naturally occurring protein, these extensions create a formidable bond with your natural hair. The precision and individualised attachment technique employed at Anaka ensures that each strand is optimally positioned, leading to less wear and tear. Typically, with proper care and maintenance, Keratin Bond Hair Extensions can grace your tresses for several months, retaining their vibrancy and strength.

Weft Hair Extensions: The continuous structure of weft extensions, coupled with their application across broader hair sections, ensures a balanced weight distribution. This characteristic can lead to reduced strain on individual hair strands. At Anaka, the premium quality and expertly tailored application of our Weft Hair Extensions offer an impressive duration, with some clients enjoying their lush volume and allure for just as long as their keratin-bonded counterparts, if not longer.

Maintenance & Care at Anaka: The longevity of any hair extension is also deeply intertwined with post-application care. Anaka’s unwavering commitment to its clients extends beyond the salon chair. Our specialists provide personalised aftercare guidelines and product recommendations, ensuring both Keratin Bond and Weft Hair Extensions retain their beauty for the longest time possible.

In conclusion, while both Keratin Bond Hair Extensions and Weft Hair Extensions at Anaka promise impressive longevity, the exact duration can vary based on individual care routines, environmental factors, and personal hair growth. Regardless of the choice, when in Malvern, Melbourne, Anaka ensures that every hair extension experience is not only transformative but also enduring.

Are Hair Extensions safe for my natural hair?

The integrity and health of your natural hair are paramount, especially when considering enhancements like hair extensions. At Anaka, nestled in the fashionable heart of Malvern, Melbourne, the safety of your tresses is our topmost priority. So, when asked if hair extensions are safe for your natural hair, our answer is deeply rooted in our practice and expertise.

Precision Application: One of the foremost determinants of safety in hair extensions is the method of application. Anaka’s team of seasoned professionals ensures that every Keratin Bond Hair Extension is meticulously attached, and each Weft Hair Extension is seamlessly integrated, to minimise any potential strain on your natural hair.

Quality Assurance: At Anaka, we’re not just about aesthetics; we emphasise the health of your hair. The hair extensions we use, be it keratin bond or weft, are sourced from the finest providers, ensuring that they complement your natural hair’s texture and strength without compromising its integrity.

Skilled Technicians: Melbourne boasts a vibrant hairdressing scene, but Anaka stands out, particularly in Malvern, because of our skilled technicians. Their expertise ensures that extensions are applied and removed with utmost care, reducing the risk of damage.

Tailored Aftercare: Beyond the application, the safety of hair extensions is also determined by how they’re maintained. Anaka’s commitment to your hair’s well-being shines through our comprehensive aftercare guidelines. We offer personalized advice, product recommendations, and scheduled check-ins to ensure your natural hair and extensions coexist harmoniously.

Safe Removal: When the time comes to remove or replace the extensions, the process at Anaka is just as detailed and gentle as the application. Our specialists employ methods that ensure the integrity of your natural hair is preserved, leaving it just as vibrant and healthy as before.

In essence, while hair extensions can be transformative, it’s essential that they are not detrimental to your natural hair. With Anaka’s promise, backed by years of experience in Malvern, Melbourne, you can be assured that hair extensions not only elevate your look but also respect and preserve the natural beauty of your tresses.

How do I care for my Keratin Bond Hair Extensions?

Ensuring the longevity and vibrancy of your Keratin Bond Hair Extensions goes beyond the initial application. It’s about maintaining them with the right care and habits. At Anaka, located in the heart of Malvern, Melbourne, we not only provide top-tier extensions but also arm our clients with the knowledge to keep them in prime condition. Here’s a comprehensive guide:

Gentle Brushing: Always use a soft-bristled or looped brush designed for hair extensions. Start from the tips and work your way up to the roots to prevent tugging at the bonds.

Washing with Care: Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, which are less harsh on both your natural hair and extensions. When washing, ensure a downward motion, avoiding vigorous scrubbing or bunching up the hair. Avoid using hair products that contain alcohol, which can dry out the extensions. Also, be mindful not to pull or tug at your extensions, and be gentle when styling or tying your hair.

Limit Direct Heat: While styling with straighteners or curling irons, limit applying direct heat to the keratin bonds. Always use a heat protectant spray to shield the hair from potential damage.

Sleeping Etiquette: Before going to bed, ensure your hair is dry. Consider braiding or tying it in a loose ponytail to prevent tangling overnight.

Scheduled Salon Visits: Regular check-ins at Anaka will help in assessing the state of your extensions and making necessary adjustments. Our experts in Melbourne will offer tailored advice based on the growth and condition of your hair.

Swimming Precautions: Chlorine and salt water can be harsh on hair extensions. Before swimming, wet your hair with fresh water and apply a leave-in conditioner. After swimming, wash your hair thoroughly to remove any chlorine or salt.

Removal & Replacement: When it’s time to remove or adjust your Keratin Bond Hair Extensions, ensure it’s done by a professional. DIY removal can risk damage to your natural hair.

At Anaka, we believe that proper aftercare is as crucial as the initial application. By adhering to these guidelines and leveraging our expertise in Malvern, Melbourne, you can ensure your Keratin Bond Hair Extensions remain lustrous and healthy for the longest time possible.

How often should I return to the salon for maintenance on my Hair Extensions?

For Keratin Bond Hair Extensions, you should consider visiting every 2-3 months, whereas Weft Hair Extensions often require adjustments every 6-8 weeks. Your Melbourne hair extension specialist can provide a more exact timeline based on your hair’s growth and needs.

Are Hair Extensions in Melbourne cost-effective?

The cost of hair extensions in Melbourne varies depending on the type, quality of hair, and the expertise of the technician. While they can be an investment, the transformation and confidence boost they provide can be well worth it.


Great Lengths Hair Extensions Before and After

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