The Story | Anaka

Founded by Anna Ntalianis in 2008, Anaka Hair began as a modest hair studio nestled in the heart of Malvern, with a dedicated team of just three passionate individuals.

For over a decade, Anna and her expanding team of innovative colourists and stylists have finely tuned their expertise, constantly adapting to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of hair health, styles, colours, trends and beyond. Their commitment to excellence is matched only by their warm, down-to-earth approach to the client experience.

Since its debut, Anaka has elegantly emerged as a leading salon in South East Melbourne, renowned for its signature ‘Boujee Blonde’ aesthetic. With a commitment to provide a unique experience that results in healthy, beautiful hair, Anaka promises more than just a salon visit—it offers an indulgent journey. Are you ready for a transformative experience?

The Team


Our Visionary Founder

Anna’s journey in the hair industry spans over 25 years, marked by her unwavering commitment to the craft. Starting with a Certificate III in hairdressing, Anna honed her skills alongside the industry’s best in Malvern, including Smithers and Katan Smithers. Her path led her to makeup artistry, where she contributed her talents to high-profile clients and iconic bands.

In 2008, Anna’s dream took shape as Anaka Hair. She collaborated closely with the Paul Mitchell team, gracing stages at Hair Expo and various events. Her makeup artistry earned her two prestigious HBIA awards.

Anna’s passion shines in her work with renowned beauties, including Millie Arnold, Morgan and Taylor, Reagan Martin, Olivia Molly Rogers, Annalise Dalins, and Brooke Blurton. She has also made her mark in fashion events, contributing her artistic touch to Styled by Bloom Fashion Week @frontrunner.

Anna’s favourite part of her job is more than hairstyling; it’s about meeting people, hearing their stories, and making them feel better with their hair.

Outside of the salon, Anna’s weekends are for self-care, meditation, gym sessions, beach walks, and cherished moments with family and friends. Anna finds inspiration in motivational podcasts and challenges herself to improve, often kick-starting her Sundays with a gym session followed by a refreshing beach walk. Anna is not just a salon owner; she’s a source of inspiration and transformation.


Your Client Experience Manager + Make-Up Artist

With nine years of front-of-house expertise and 16 years as a make-up maestro, Dora brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Anaka team. She has an uncanny ability to remember every detail about our clients, with the exception of their names – we all have our quirks, right?

Her passion? Creating connections with clients and crafting jaw-dropping transformations. Dora firmly believes that even the subtlest changes can leave a woman feeling utterly refreshed. Always willing to go the extra mile, she’s your go-to guru for tips and tricks of the trade. Get ready to go home feeling empowered to recreate the magic yourself.

On weekends, you’ll spot her strolling with her adorable French bulldogs – yes, everyone’s heard of the infamous Solis and Luna! She also enjoys quality time with her partner and sneaks in a bit of breathwork for that perfect work-life balance.


The Hair Wizard

Jayme-Lee boasts an impressive four years in the hair industry. She holds a Cert III in hairdressing and has received specialised training in one-on-one weft and keratin bond hair extensions.

Jayme-Lee is best known for her expertise in creating stunning “lived-in blondes” – those effortlessly chic, low-maintenance blonde looks that make clients FEEL like blondes. She’s also a wizard with hair extensions, ensuring you achieve the luscious locks you’ve always dreamt of.

Jayme-Lee’s favourite part of the job? Witnessing the sheer joy and amazement on her clients’ faces when they see their transformation in the mirror. She’s all about boosting your confidence and enhancing your personality through the power of beautiful hair. Ready to experience the Jayme-Lee magic?


Our Energetic Apprentice

Meet Daniela, the dynamic and enthusiastic apprentice at Anaka Hair. From the very beginning, Daniela has been captivated by the world of hairdressing, nurturing her passion for hair care and styling. As a young and eager member of the team, she’s always on the lookout for the latest and greatest hair products and techniques, eager to learn from others and stay ahead of the curve.

Her favourite part of the job? Witnessing the joy and confidence that blossoms in her clients when they see the results of her work.

With her boundless energy and a hunger for knowledge, Daniela brings youthful vitality and a fresh perspective to Anaka Hair, ensuring that every visit is not just a salon appointment but an opportunity to support a rising star in the world of hairdressing.


Our Senior Stylist Extraordinaire

Leah is a seasoned hair artist whose lifelong dream has been to work her magic in the world of hairdressing. Her favourite thing? Making people feel comfortable and confident with their hair. Fully qualified and brimming with experience, she excels in balayage, gents’ cuts, and agenda hair styling.

Leah is best known for her mastery of balayage, her unique approach to colour work, precision cutting, and her ability to create those coveted bouncy blowouts. Her English charm and dry sense of humour are the icing on the cake. But Leah’s true passion lies in forming meaningful connections with her clients and helping them discover their inner and outer beauty.


Our Creative Senior Stylist!

Michele’s hair journey began with a random burst of colour experimentation on himself and the art of braiding his sister’s hair. Little did he know, this would lead him to the hair academy at just 16 years old.

Now, as a fully qualified senior hairdresser, Michele’s passion knows no bounds. He’s all about balayage, rainbow hair, hair extensions, cutting, waves, and all things styling.

But Michele’s true magic lies in his knack for giving his clients big and crazy makeovers that leave them beaming with the best smiles.

And did we mention his love for almond lattes? It’s his fuel for creativity and making your hair dreams come true.