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With a passion for delivering a high-quality, unique salon experience, Anaka is a hair institution located in the heart of Malvern.

With a wide range of service offerings from colour, foiling, balayage, hair extensions, keratin treatments and more. Our experienced team of innovative hair stylists look forward to welcoming you into our space and creating your healthy hair goals.


Anaka is a full-service hair salon, with an expansive portfolio of top-tier hair and makeup services. From bespoke hair colouring and precision cuts to expertly executed makeup artistry, our skilled professionals cater to your every beauty desire.

Dive into our diverse offerings and let our visionary team elevate your aesthetic to new heights, right in the heart of Malvern.






Anaka – Melbourne Hair & Beauty Salon

Hair is an important feature of an individual and reflects their personality. The good appearance of hair is equally important as good physique or face. Hairstyling is one of the easiest ways to bring out your personality and give you a confidence boost. But choosing the right hairdresser can make or break your look entirely.

Are you looking for a hairdresser in Melbourne who offers affordable prices for exquisite hair stylist services? Anaka is an innovative and inspired hairdresser in Melbourne and its nearby areas Toorak, Malvern, and South Yarra, Where one can satisfy all their needs. We genuinely care about delivering the best customer experience through our professional and artistic staff. There is no better hairstylist in Melbourne to impress your friends with your newly styled hair.

Professional Hairdresser & Stylist Salon

You needn’t look for a cheap hairdresser in Melbourne as Anaka is the best hairdresser who offers hair styling products and salon hair care along with our styling services. Be it Salon shampoo or hair products online, Anaka is here for you. You won’t find better quality hair and beauty supplies in Melbourne. We also serve in Toorak, Malvern, and South Yarra. Anaka is a team of expert hair cutters, stylists, and colourists who have extensive experience in the field of hairstyling. Our staff can enhance or restyle your hair to your liking or suggest a style that might suit you. Our wealth of experience can help you choose the right style that will impress everyone who happens to set their eyes on you.

We understand the importance of a hairstyle that enhances the features of your face and tries to suppress the unattractive aspects. The shape of your face or the face cutting is important and the stylists at Anaka understand its importance. Moreover, the hair you wear is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality, and we can help you stand out from a crowd by giving you something original that suits you as a person. Hairstyling is much more than just showing a photo and us trying to imitate it. We understand how different hair works, how the face features accentuate certain types of hair and so on, through our experience.

Why Choose Anaka as Your Hair Stylist in Melbourne?

Anaka is a leading women’s and men’s hairstylist who understands the various tastes of our customers and can cater to them accordingly. We offer styles of all kinds, cuts of all lengths, and an incredible range of hair colours that are designed to impress. Our versatility with our work is made possible due to our talented and certified staff who can give your hair the look you want. Your every visit is personalised, and all our services are customer oriented. Our environment is more than just a place for hair styling, it is a calm and serene place you can get away for some time and introspect as we make your hair look amazing. Call us on (03) 9509 9151 to book your appointments right now! You can also book online by visiting our website.

“I think that the most important thing a woman can have
– next to talent, of course – is her hairdresser.”

Joan Crawford