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Embrace The Latest Hair Trends This Winter at Anaka!

Embrace The Latest Hair Trends This Winter at Anaka!

Winter Woes? Perk up with a fresh chop or new colour at Anaka, your trusted Malvern Hair Salon! As the temperature drops, it’s the perfect time to revamp your look and stay ahead of the latest hair trends. From “Cowgirl Copper” to “Natural Tones” and “Teddy Bear Blonde,” we’ve got you covered with the trendiest hairstyles that will have you looking fabulous and feeling confident all season long. Or not so long if you’re not up for a whole season long change, get a semi-permanent that’ll wash our it 4-6 weeks with the Wella Shinefinity Glaze that leave your hair beautifully bouncing out of the Glenferrie Road Salon and with zero damage! So, let’s dive into the exciting world of winter hair trends!

Cowgirl Copper: Saddle Up for Style In Malvern!

If you’re looking for a warm and vibrant hair colour that will turn heads this winter, Cowgirl Copper is the way to go. This trend is inspired by the fiery hues of a sun-kissed sunset on the ranch far away from the cold temps of Melbourne. Picture yourself with stunning reddish-brown locks that add a touch of sass to your style. Whether you choose a full head of Copper or incorporate it as highlights, this shade is sure to make a statement. Our hair expertise is good enough for some of the top tv hosts, influences and beauties around Armadale, South Yara, Glen Iris and beyond so you’re in well-trusted hands. We’ll ensure your Cowgirl Copper look is flawless and tailored to your unique personality.

Natural Tones: Effortlessly Beautiful, Just Like You!

Winter is the perfect time to embrace your natural beauty, and Natural Tones are all the rage this season. If you’re not up for the full pledge of going back to your roots, we’ve got you covered with zero-damage semi-permanent colours that will give you a four-week feel for it before you make the full commitment.

From deep honey blondes to rich chocolate browns and soft caramel highlights, these hues complement a wide range of skin tones and provide a subtle yet stunning transformation. Check out our range of customisable Blonde Packages. Our Malvern hairdressers at Anaka will work their magic to enhance your natural features and create a look that brings out your best self. Get ready to step out onto Glenferrie road with effortless elegance and radiate confidence!

Teddy Bear Blonde: A Snuggle-Worthy Style!

Want to brighten up those Melbourne winter blues? Teddy Bear Blonde is the perfect solution! This trendy shade is all about achieving a soft, warm blonde that resembles the cuddly fur of your favourite childhood teddy bear. With its cosy and inviting appeal, this blonde tone is perfect for the colder months. Our visionary hair stylists at Anaka will expertly blend the right shades and create a dimensional look that’s both chic and playful. Get ready to feel like a walking ray of sunshine wherever you go!

Don’t let the winter blues dull your shine! You can embrace the hottest hair trends this season at Anaka, your go-to Malvern hair salon. Whether you’re drawn to the fiery allure of Cowgirl Copper, the natural beauty of Natural Tones, or the snuggle-worthy charm of Teddy Bear Blonde, We will work our magic and create a perfect look.

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