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Anaka and Curtis Collection offer one-on-one beauty sessions

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Anaka and Curtis Collection offer one-on-one beauty sessions

Anaka’s latest beauty-choice, Curtis Collection has earned a solid reputation among Australian women as the go-to choice for protecting, perfecting and illuminating. The 100 per cent Australian owned makeup brand ‘exists at the intersection of beauty, science and luxury’ and proved an easy choice for Anaka founder and director, Anna Ntalianis when looking for a fresh point of difference at the salon’s beauty counter.


“Curtis Collection is a seamless integration to Anaka’s philosophy and service offering. We pride ourselves on products and practice that value ‘natural’ while providing the most powerful beauty solutions possible, be it for the hair or skin,” said Anna.


“Of particular interest to the Anaka team is Curtis Collection’s dedicated mineral range – a selection of products designed to pamper and perfect while treating the skin with the most sophisticated natural ingredients. We can’t wait for our clients to experience the lifestyle-impact of this salon-professional brand.”


Curtis Collection officially joins the Anaka stable on October 22nd and in celebration of new beauty-beginnings, Anaka is welcoming clients to invest in a 90 minute one-on-one beauty session with the salon’s award winning makeup artist Dora Ntalianis.


“The sessions are a great opportunity for Anaka’s valued clients to get to know the range and its benefits as they relate to their skin and beauty regime specifically,” explains Anna.


“Each session includes a detailed skin consultation, insight into working with personal facial features and 10 makeup tricks every woman needs to know.”


Women of all ages and beauty routines are welcome to come along and enjoy this personalized service designed to educate on the products to make the most of your own, individual beauty and most importantly, how to use them.


And it wouldn’t be an Anaka service without a beautiful blow-wave. Each client will enjoy a complimentary express blow-wave following every beauty session … so make sure you’re heading somewhere great afterwards!


Anaka’s one-on-one beauty sessions are valued at $150.00 for 90 minutes.


To schedule your appointment and for further information, contact the salon.