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Anaka Beauty Class: We Love Winter!

Anaka Beauty Class: We Love Winter!

At Anaka we don’t discriminate between seasons, we love each for its unique story of colour and texture, however we’d be liars to deny a soft spot for the winter months. Despite its unforgiving chill, who can the resist honey blondes, rich chocolates and luminous magentas that spring into play? Tones synonymous with depth and dimension – a rich accessory for every skin type.


Anaka colour expert Ebonie loves the added health and vibrancy darker shades bring to hair, not to mention a new excuse to get creative and cure clients of the winter blues! Here, Ebonie answers clients’ top-five questions when it comes to committing to the dark side.


What are some hair health and maintenance benefits associated with darker shades?

As winter hits the salon we find ourselves bleaching hair less – rather toning clients’ already lightened hair to beautiful warm, deep tones such as mahogany and golden blonde. This means shinier, healthier hair. Not to mention lower maintenance courtesy of more blended regrowth (for most clients).


Will I like it?

We can’t answer that! What we can tell you is that it’s wise to take steps towards a significant colour change rather than launching into a full transition. Start with a shade or two darker or keep your lightness through the front.


Will a darker hair colour suit my skin tone?

Yes! Any skin tone can wear a darker tone. Thankfully for us, colour doesn’t discriminate. What you can do is modify your makeup routine to further compliment your new accessory – heavier bronzer, a different shade of illuminator or shift in lip shade – try something bright!


Can every hair type consider darker tones?

Absolutely! Darker tones define the more versatile side of the colour spectrum, and as mentioned previously, enhance the health of hair. Our Wella Professionals Colour Touch toners have no ammonia so provide great results not only from a colour deposit perspective, but also where condition is concerned.


What colours are currently on trend?

Reds! Be adventurous. From muted coppers to fire-engine reds, there is a shade to suit you and your lifestyle. Bright hair paired with an oversized jumper and statement boots – killer!


Convinced? Great! Because we’re offering 20 per cent off any colour service with Ebonie between June 9th – June 20th 2015. Get in touch today!




The news isn’t all positive when it comes to winter beauty. While hair revels in a beautiful new colour palette, skin tends to suffer from the dehydrating effects of constant air-conditioning and a cooler climate.


Our friends at Skintopia have you covered with a treatment that boosts hydration and vibrancy, smooths and shields skin from the elements.


Microdermabrasion brings skin into contact with a diamond-coated head that gently abrades the top layer of dead skin, increasing lymphatic drainage for deep-clean results. Microdermabrasion not only refines skin texture but normalises oil secretion, clears up mild acne and improves superficial scarring and expression lines. All in your lunch break!