Nordic Blonde. What You Need To Know.

Nordic Blonde. What You Need To Know.

There’s nothing quite like a clean, crisp blonde … particularly with spring around the corner! But as with all great beauty ideals, there comes an investment of time, money and maintenance. All of which, in this case, are hugely worth it.

Here Anaka Stylist, Ebonie, discusses the ins and outs of Nordic blonde.

Q: Define Nordic blonde. How is the blonde different to platinum blonde for example?

A: There is actually not a huge difference between platinum and Nordic blonde. It is more a case of relevant terminology. Nordic is more ‘now’ whereas platinum is considered more of an Eighties term.

Q: Can anyone achieve this level of blonde, or does the hair need to be an existing light tone?

A: If you have the time, money, commitment and desire to invest in a home hair plan – then totally! This look works well on those with fair or golden skin. Results are of course quicker on clients with naturally lighter hair.

Q: What professional products do you use to achieve this?

A: A non-negotiable is a professional shampoo and conditioner. The SP Repair is great for restoring hair that is compromised and should be used in conjunction with Wellaplex to rebuild the cuticle (throughout the lightening process). I recommend clients use a professional shampoo and conditioner prior to their service in order to really build the hair strength for best results.

Q: How long does it take to achieve this super light blonde tone – how many hours or salon sessions?

A: Could be hours, could be weeks or months! Every client (hair type and condition) will be different. Colour history, unsatisfactory home care products and the amount of heat someone is using at home are all factors to be considered.

Q: Can clients expect a lot of damage?

A: Again, this is case dependent. The right products, minimal heat and a good haircut will reduce the damaging effects.

Q: What is the colour and care maintenance like?

A: You can expect a 6-to-8 week commitment between colour services. There’s no denying that bright, clean blonde is a high maintenance colour … but so gorgeous!

Q: Where has this trend come from – who have been the main influencers?

A: I believe celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Madonna who have rocked this look for years are a big influence. We’ve also had a few clients asking for the Game of Thrones ‘Khalessi’ colour.

Q: Have you received many requests for Nordic blonde at Anaka?

A: It’s becoming very popular and we are loving it! It’s a colour that allows us to really prescribe and get creative with colour/toners.

Q: What can a client expect to pay for a service like this?

A: Prices will vary based on what we are working with. The baseline is $600 plus and then $300 plus to maintain.

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