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Melbourne Bridal Wedding Hair Styles trending for 2021

Melbourne Bridal Wedding Hair Styles trending for 2021

For every Melbourne Bride their most special day is defined by their style, elegance, simplicity and overall look.   On your own special wedding day, the brides look is everything.   This also includes the Brides Hair style.

At Anaka Hair Anna has always been passionate and meticulous when it comes to bringing to life a bride’s style, through her hair styling.   Every bride is unique and different and there is so much to choose from when it comes to bridal hairstyles.   A bridal hair style is an under estimated facet in a bride’s overall look on their special day.

Being in Melbourne and having a Melbourne wedding can be an ordeal in itself due to Melbourne’s weather and its unpredictability and its nature to sometimes not want to play nice.  Below you will find the most versatile bridal styles suited to almost any Melbourne wedding and weather occasion.

Our top picks are perfect for every bride’s hair styles from sleek chignons, delicate boho, bridal vintage hair waves, bridal up do’s or relaxed beach bride styles with bridal jewelled crowns or headpieces.  At Anaka hair, we have both your bridal hair and makeup requirements sorted for your big wedding day.

The updated Bridal Chignon:

The beautifully elegant and chic French twist.  It’s simple, classic and romantic.  This timeless style suits most long hair types and works perfectly when finished off with small wisps of hair framing a bride’s face.  For a more formal looks we recommend hair to be pulled away from the face to accentuate the face and bridal makeup.

The high bun:

The high bun bridal hair styles in all its natural beauty is perfect to accentuate your hair highlights.   We recommend including a few released strands of hair to complete the overall relaxed bridal hair looks.

Loose Hollywood waves:

The loose Hollywood waves reminds us of the screen sirens of yester year.  This style is best suited for brides that have medium to long hair.  We can also make this look work with hair extensions and hair pieces.

The half up, half down hair do:

The half up, half down bridal hair style is perfect for almost any hair length and type of hair.   Its softly romantic and works with almost any dress style.  It also works to accentuate the natural features of the bride and works very well with both jeweled hairs pieces or a veil.  Taking any bride from her day look to her evening soiree.

The Wedding Ponytail:

Our signature bridal Wedding ponytail is naturally beautiful and oozes elegance and sophisticated style without looking too overdone.  A styled ponytail accentuates the elegance of a neck and shoulders of a bride, it leaves room for admiration of the bridal dress and allows the bride to wear delicate jewels to further accentuate her features.

The Ultimate Mermaid bridal hair style:

Mermaid hair on a bride is not only romantic, it is also very modern and in tune with our more relaxed style weddings Post Covid-19.  It is the perfect bridal style to wear for outdoor and indoor events and can be matched back to your veil and hair accessories.   This is the perfect hairstyle for warm Summer days and effortlessly takes the bride from Day to night.

An asymmetrical Twisted up do:

The Asymmetrical twisted up do is gorgeous on all long hair and medium hair lengths and can sit at the nape of the neck to give off the most romantic of looks.  It is just as beautiful simply left alone or accentuated with hair jewels and delicate hair accessories.

The Sleek and Timeless Chignon:

Our version of the timeless Chignon is soft, romantic and regal.   Tuning into Kate Middleton’s timeless style we create a hair bun this is light and natural in texture.  It is a classic bridal hair look that suits almost any formal, traditional wedding setting and works perfectly with a bride’s veil and bridal crown.

To find out more on how we can style you for your Wedding day, call us on 03 9509 9151 or DM us via Instagram to book in a free bridal consult.