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How to Make a Bold Statement with Grey Hair?

How to Make a Bold Statement with Grey Hair?

How to Make a Bold Statement with Grey Hair?

Many women feel shy when they start getting grey hair. They look for ways to cover them up with permanent dyes. With the growing number of grey hair strands, it becomes hard to colour them quite often.

However, with time, women are changing their opinions about grey looks. Now, you will find women that accept the way they look and experiment with their grey hair. It was long ago when grey hair was considered to be a sign of old age. Now, it is the new age trend that everyone is trying out. Women and men of all ages are getting grey hair dye, making a bold statement with their choice.

Below is a quick list of things recommended for grey hair by hairdressers to create a mesmerising look. Try them out to embrace your new and amazing look!

1. Highlights –
You can go for highlights by adding a few strands of darker shades of grey hair colour to your hair. This will give an extremely nice look and eliminate the heavy line of demarcation, adding a sophisticated touch.

2. Subtle Lavender Undertones –
Your grey hair looks even more interesting if you add a very subtle purple undertone to it. This will look incredibly youthful as well as original. Most grey hair specialists are trying to achieve this look for women with dark grey hair.

3. Layered Grey Lob –
Layered grey hairstyles look immensely beautiful due to their metallic glow. Since silver hairstyles are currently in trend, women of all age groups are trying out this beautiful grey hairstyle.

4. Grey Messy Pixie Bob –
For short grey hair, an attractive Salt and Pepper blend of silver-grey hair dye is a fashion statement for those who are young at heart and brave on the outside. With this look, leave out some side pieces that frame your face and accentuate your features.

5. Balayage and Layers –
Embrace your natural grey hair and emphasise its beauty with silver hair dye. Go for balayage and add some flair to your hair. It will not just make your hair look trendy but will give it a fuller and softer appearance.

Which Grey Hair Colour Shades Look Stunning?

From Daenerys Targaryen’s platinum hair to Kim K’s silver bob, silver-grey hair is a popular choice for everyone – and we aren’t complaining. The hair colour suits almost every skin tone and gives a very mystical mermaid touch.

Well, there are numerous undertones and shades in grey hair dye online from which you need to choose the one that suits you the best. Find out the most popular shapes that are widely picked by people in Melbourne –

  • Ash Grey Hair Colour
  • Platinum Grey Hair Colour
  • Platinum Silver Hair Colour
  • Light Ash Blonde
  • Silver Hair Colour
  • Silver White Colour

Where to Find a Specialist for Grey Hair Colouring in Melbourne?

Anaka offers a team of hairstylists who have been working with grey hair dye to create incredibly gorgeous looks on men as well as women. Our team believes in creativity and satisfaction that empowers them to offer the best hairstyling and hair colouring services. We work with chemical-free hair dye for grey hair to make sure nothing harms you. Every step is carefully taken care of to deliver the best results.

So, if you want to achieve a bold platinum-grey hair colour or get layering with your grey hair, call us on (03) 9509 9151 for appointments or book online!