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Bhave Smoothe Keratin Therapy

Bhave Smoothe Keratin Therapy

A common perception of keratin is that it manipulates the structure and texture of hair, and while some products do, bhave Smoothe Keratin Therapy does not break down, change or build internal bonds in the hair.

Rather, the treatment restores with Amino Cell Rebuild Technology specifically formulated to penetrate deep for hair health, protection and long term conditioning.

This kind of treatment deserves an equally intense application, and Anaka’s newest recruit Chloe is just the candidate. Dedicated to giving each client the care and attention to detail they deserve, Chloe first conducts a consultation before diagnosing the perfect treatment time and type for your personal hair-needs.

In high demand for her experience with bhave Smoothe Keratin Therapy, Chloe answers a couple of questions commonly asked by clients:

Is bhave Smoothe Keratin Therapy OK to have done when my hair is coloured or foiled?

YES! The technology has been formulated to penetrate into the hair providing health, protection and long term conditioning with argan oil, collagen, silk and amino acids to smooth away frizz.

How long does Anaka’s bhave Smoothe Keratin Therapy service take?

Depending on hair length and thickness, approximately 2 – 4 hours

While we can’t guarantee you’ll walk out looking exactly like Rosie Huntington Whitley (pictured here), you’ll definitely leave somewhat closer!

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