There are 8 billion people in the world and no two heads of hair are the same, so it makes sense that no singular product line is the ultimate prescription for every client, every day.

Our friends at Wella Professional recognize the fact and have responded with EnergyCode by SP (System Professional) – a completely customizable haircare range designed to listen to the client and importantly their hair – its needs, challenges, short and long-term goals.

A perfect partnership with the team at Anaka who believe in tailored care for hair, the Wella SP EnergyCode service begins with an individualized diagnosis of the hair’s ‘energy fingerprint.’

The purpose built EnergyCode Mapping tool enables your Anaka stylist to gather crucial information such as scalp irregularities, damage and congenital hair conditions. Unique insight forming the basis of a tailored care and treatment-system designed to target and meet individual hair and scalp needs … as unique as your fingerprint.

The EnergyCode concept continues into take home with an intermixable care system armed for all hair concerns including sensitive scalp, hair loss, dandruff, colour and UV damage, brittleness and lack of volume, with a special mention to Liquid Hair Molecular Hair Refiller and Alpha Energy. Heroes of the EnergyCode process, Liquid Hair Molecular Hair Refiller reconstructs and reinforces the inner hair fiber with selected amino acids (literally filling the gaps where damage has occurred), while Alpha Energy enriches scalp, fiber and texture for visibly fuller, more manageable hair from root to tip.

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