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We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

The Anaka team is in recruitment mode; seeking a qualified hairdresser plus first, second and third year apprentices to join the team. Enjoying a stage of growth, we’re after staff eager to kick start a new career, not just a job.


Dedicated to forging unique career paths for personal and professional advancement, Anaka is all about sharing knowledge, ideas and inspiration in the ultimate learning environment – a team approach to setting and meeting goals in the salon and beyond.


Beyond fundamental hairdressing skills and moments of creative ingenuity, Anaka works to build and promote leadership skills and most importantly confidence – skills imperative to growth and success in the business of hair and life.


Active in all areas of the industry including editorial, runway, celebrity, social, education and events, Anaka offers a promising journey for all career objectives.


Contact Anna Ntalianis at the salon or email: