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The Passionate Ones: Portia, Anaka Senior Stylist


The Passionate Ones: Portia, Anaka Senior Stylist

It’s the strong amorous feeling that drives us to do amazing things, passion, and we’ve got it by the bucket load at Anaka! With the intention of giving you guys, our loyal clients and readers a head start this year, we sat down with Founder of The Fifth Watches; Alex McBride, Instagram and Blogging sensation; Ina Odak of @sneakersandsoul and health entrepreneur (or everyone’s favourite ‘matcha mate’); Sarah of Matcha Maiden. We find out what passion actually means to them and what advice they’d give those seeking a little more of the golden emotion in 2016.

But before we get to those guys, let’s start with one of the most passionate people we know, Anaka’s very own Senior Stylist, Miss Portia – a burst of energy who’s passion for men’s barbering is prominent as a Ninetie’s high-top.

Anaka: What inspires you about men’s barbering?

Portia: Men’s barbering inspires me just as art, culture, fashion and other aesthetics around us do. From old age to new age the techniques evolve beautifully. Men’s barbering is a process of constant reinvention, always keeping an authenticity and precision within itself.

A: When did you realise that men’s cutting/barbering was a passion of yours?

P: My mum was a men’s hairdresser and as a little girl I used to love sitting, watching her every movement. I was smitten by the entire experience and totally taken by how much thought went into every snip!

A: What advice or general comment would you give others who may be in the process of recognising/understanding their own passion for men’s cutting and grooming? 

P: Dissect and involve yourself completely. Loose yourself within it and shower yourself with as much passion and drive as you can. You won’t be disappointed.

A: What creative and professional sources do you tap into when you’re in need of a passion-boost?

P: Social media is a great way to feed your passion – Pinterest, Instagram etc. Visuals in general inspire me greatly – surrounding movement, the colours of the ocean, the texture of the sky … its endless.

A: How important is passion in the daily life of a professional stylist?

P: I honestly believe anything is possible when you passion is ignited – especially in an artistic and creative field. It opens your mind and expands your potential. Your work becomes a movement and tells a story. People recognise this as a strong quality and soon your lifestyle speaks for itself.

A: What goals have you set yourself in the realm of men’s barbering for 2016?

P: I would like to concur classic old age haircuts that have been forgotten. Bringing life and breath to those eras.

Expanding my skill set as always and documenting my work through photo shoots and portfolio work. I will be involved in men’s barbering competitions nationally and hopefully be recognised independently.

A: Men’s Hair Trends for 2016?

P: Realistically everything is in fashion.


90’s is back baby.

Think Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet. Effortless but classic and youthful.

Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp middle parts and ear length beach waves.

Mullet-style length riding at the back and for short hairstyles I’d say 90’s ghetto crew cuts. Sharp drake fades and hairlines.


Image source: Pinterest