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The Passionate Ones: Ina Odak, Editor/Creative Director

The Passionate Ones: Ina Odak, Editor/Creative Director

Editor and Creative Director; Ina Odak has grown a loyal online following of passionate mum’s and lifestyle experts courtesy of a grounded, minimalist approach to life and love. A perfect example of those pumping their passion and paving the way – Ina is a modern trailblazer living life her way.

We chat the definition of passion, personal goals and the ultimate pair of shoes!


Anaka: Passion holds unique definition from one individual to the next – how would you describe ‘passion?’

Ina Odak: It’s intense. And compelling. When you really want something – it brings its own energy.

A: How important is passion in what you do on a daily basis?

IO: Extremely. I strive to inspire people on a daily basis. If I’m not passionate about it, there is no point.

A: What advice would you give others seeking to feel more inspired about what they do in 2016?

IO: Prioritize, brutally, the things in your life that energise you. Let go of everything that’s not important.

A: Who or what do you look to when in need of a boost in dedication and determination professionally and/or personally?

IO: I love strong motivational quotes. I also have a network of amazing entrepreneurs. I am constantly inspired by the people I work with. Surround yourself with incredible people, it makes all the difference.

A: Name a person, dead or alive, that lived with great passion in your opinion?

IO: Lisa Messenger.

A: How important are goals in the acquisition and/or maintenance and growth of passion?

IO: Very. Goals are dreams with deadlines. But stay flexible in your thinking.

A: List a professional and/or personal goal you have set yourself for 2016?

IO: It’s sort of a goal as a mantra (personal + professional) … “Darling, if it’s not a heck yes, it’s a no.”

A: If passion were a pair of shoes, name the brand and style?

IO: The Isabel Marant “Andrew” boot.

A: Name a hair product you can’t live without.

IO: Dry Shampoo.

A: Hair Goals for 2016?

IO: Undone.