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The Passionate Ones: Dora Ntalianis, Anaka Makeup Artist

The Passionate Ones: Dora Ntalianis, Anaka Makeup Artist

Anaka: What about makeup artistry makes you most passionate ?

Dora: Firstly, I love the fact that you can enhance someone’s features just by using a few, select products – ultimately evoking a sense of empowerment and confidence within the client. The possibilities of makeup and makeup artistry are truly endless, it gets me so excited – you can literally change someone’s entire look based on how they’re feeling, and want to feel! Not to mention that makeup artistry is a creative outlet that moves with the season and technological advancements, constantly evolving to empower women!

A: How important is the element of reward when it comes to feeling passionate about something, in your opinion?

D: Very important and on many different levels. For me, reward is a chameleon that (most importantly) begins with the connection between the client and I before moving to monetary means and the endless reward of doing something you love.

A: If passion were a beauty product what would it be?

D: Mascara and eyeliner! The keys to dramatising everyone’s most important feature, the eyes.

A: Where do you gather inspiration or drive when you’re in need of a passion-boost?

D: Magazines and Instagram are amazing, film is great too. Media in general is very inspiring at the moment, and I love following all the global fashion shows, the collections and the designer’s muses.

A: What advice do you have for those starting to realise their own passion for makeup artistry?

D: Go for it! If your passionate about something don’t hesitate – that’s your calling, don’t be left wondering.

A: How important are goals to maintaining passion?

D: Goals and passion go hand-in-hand. I set goals that revolve around my passions and where I want to see myself in the future – the rest is up to the universe…

A: What goals have you set yourself for 2016 – professional and personal?

D: I want to keep learning different things in the industry, I want to do more photoshoots. And on a personal level I want to study yoga, because that’s my other passion that helps my inner world, which is just as important. And to have fun – that’s the main thing, enjoy the journey.


Image source: Pinterest