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Heat styling, get it right and you’re in for good hair days forever more … easier said than done for most! As hairdressing professionals, we’re here to help not only with brilliant curt, colour and style, but tips and tricks you can use at home (to keep our work on-point between visits!). 

Here Anaka Stylist, Lizzie, divulges all you need to know about heat styling.

Q. What brand of hot tools do you rely on when heat styling in-salon and why? 

A. Always ghd. I rely on the premium range of hot tools to deliver versatility within my clients’ looks throughout the day. From the platinum+ styler to the curve classic tong, ghd combines pioneering technology and intelligent design for endless, long lasting results.

Q. What is the most popular in-salon texture request for the season so far, and the hot tool(s) you use to create it?

A. Soft undone waves. The ghd Platinum+ Styler with curved edge is the perfect tool to achieve this undone, textured wave.

Q. Is it true that heat styling causes damage to the hair? 

A. Yes. However there are methods that, as professionals, we recommend to protect the hair. Using a heat protective spray combined with the right hot tools is highly recommended. I suggest the ghd platinum+ styler featuring breakthrough, ultra-zone predictive technology. The tool adapts with each section to ensure the optimum heat temperature of 185ºC is consistent across two plates. Why? This allows for 70% stronger hair, 20% more shine and two times more colour protection. The heat is monitored 250 times per second, and through its predictive technology, the styler recognises the thickness of your hair and speed at which you are styling. This allows for personalised results, just for you.

Q. What are some essential products a client must consider when heat styling their hair at home – both to protect the hair, and then ensure a style that lasts?

A. Heat protective sprays are vital when styling at home. We offer a range of heat protective sprays at Anaka, delivering protection up to 200 degrees. Post styling use of texture powders, dry shampoos and hair sprays is an easy and recommended selection for home use also, and will ensure a style that lasts.

Q. Why does texture (created from hot tools) tend to drop in the hair, and how do you avoid this?

A. Texture from heat styling will of course drop overtime (due to that little thing called gravity!). To prevent this from occurring there are a few methods we suggest. If you’re coming into Anaka for a styling service, freshly washed hair is not recommended. If you can, wash your hair the day prior for longer lasting results. If heat styling at home, prep hair with texturizing spray to add some grit/hold, and be sure to leave time for the curl to cool before brushing out. Lastly, finishing products such as hairspray and dry shampoo are vital for a style that lasts. For best results, consult your Anaka stylist for products and steps best suited to your hair type.

Q. The biggest error clients make at home when using a heat styler?

A. Incorrect use of the tool. This includes the direction in which the styler is being used, and it varies depending on  the look you’re working to create. This is something we’re all too happy to advise on, upon your next visit.

Q. Your biggest tip for clients looking to achieve a soft, textured wave at home?

A. Prep the hair correctly. Use a hot tool you find easy to handle. Do not over complicate the process.

Q. Coming into spring carnival season, what styles do you expect to be a popular request in 2019?

A. Texture! From effortless flat waves to more a more structured style, we’re predicting texture, texture, texture!

Q.What should ladies keep in mind when selecting a hairstyle/texture for a day at the races

A. That a hairstyle should not only co-ordinate with your outfit but also the longevity of your day out. Choose a look that is going to last throughout the day and into the night… (and back again!).

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Featured Hair by Lizzie @ Anaka.