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Anaka Owner/Founder Anna Ntalianis talks the truth on transforming from brunette to blonde – how easy it is, and is your hair up to the task?

What do Brunette clients need to consider when contemplating a blonde transformation?

It is a journey and at Anaka we make a plan with our clients, mapping out the stages to achieving their ultimate blonde.

We work with pictures to get an understanding of where they want to go, and then importantly, make a treatment plan – an idea of the retail products and number of visits required to achieve their hair goal.

How many appointments can a client expect to commit to, and importantly, what kind of home maintenance is required between visits?

I always communicate to the client that there are enough GREAT products on the market to keep your hair feeling and looking great, just as long as you have the budget. It’s imperative that the client understands the process is a commitment of money and time.

At Anaka, the Wella System Professional App supports every client service. A series of strategic questions ascertain the client’s hair likes, dislikes, challenges and goals and allow us to determine any derma (scalp) issues while providing a closer look at the hair fibre. The outcome is a precise product prescription and treatment plan designed for a noticeable boost in hair health – condition and shine – over a 12-to-15 week period.

The System Professional App is of particular use with clients looking to transform to blonde as we’re able to define exactly how far the hair can be pushed based on its current condition. Generally speaking, clients can expect up to three colour services to achieve the perfect blonde.

Can a brunette to blonde client expect breakage?

It really depends on a variety of factors – hair type, colour history, their existing treatment plan and even their diet. When a client purchases all the right products and uses them as advised, the amount of breakage is minimal. We also advise striving blondes to minimise their use of hot tools.

Once the desired blonde level is achieved, how often will a client be expected to refresh their colour and what is the best home regime?

We recommend blonde clients visit the salon every 6 weeks for a toner, treatment and express dry. This extends their service for another 6 weeks and ensures foils are serviced every 10-to-12 weeks, which is so much better for the hair.

And again, products! SP Shampoo and Conditioner with a mask once a week is recommended, and our hero products Wellaplex, Liquid Hair or Alpha will boost colour retention, hair health and thickness even further.

How has Wellaplex changed the brunette to blonde transformation?

It has changed the industry as people now realise that the right products make all the difference, especially when it comes to colour transformations.

Are there any hair types or levels of brunette that you advise against going blonde?

For fine hair clients and those that have been experimenting with a variety of dark colours over the years we recommend starting with a lighter brown first. These hair types will feel the lightening process more and we never want to compromise the hair. For those with damaged hair, we first recommend a treatment plan – boosting condition before we start the process.

What blonde tones are on trend for Autumn 2018?

At Anaka, while we’re always conscience of emerging trends, our priority is finding the perfect shade for our client – a tone and dimension that flatters their lifestyle and skin tone.

Why is Anaka the best place to take care of a brunette to blonde transformation?

Urban List voted us the “Best Blondes in Melbourne” – so that’s a good start!

At Anaka we’re huge on the consultation process and welcome clients looking for a big change to come into the salon for a complimentary 30 minute consult. This helps us to manage expectations, avoid any unwelcome surprises and ensure we deliver above and beyond.

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