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Summer Hair Care – SPF for the Hair

Summer Hair Care – SPF for the Hair

This summer, we plan to be waterside every single chance we get!

From soaking up the ray’s poolside in Glen Iris to sinking into the sand around Mt Martha and Mornington before coasting into our local for a sip of rose. Boy, do we love summer! We look after our skin, and protect it from the sun, dirt, harsh chemicals, aging (as much as we can) and more, but what about our hair?

It’s too easy to forget that those UV rays can also impact your hair. Sun care shouldn’t just stop at your scalp! Don’t you find when you get out of the pool or sea over summer that your hair is crunchy and dry and feels sad? Or blondes, do you find that if you hit the pool you end up with green hair?

We look after our hair and protect it from the heat that comes from styling tools, but we need to also protect it from UV rays, chlorine, salt and more! Here are our top tips and products for protecting your hair against the sun this summer.

1. Add a Barrier: Where you can, grab a scarf, hat,or cap (as a last resort) to keep your locks and colour safeguarded from the sun if you’re lazing by the beach or pool. Kudos to you and extra points if you’ve got a hat that’s branded with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF).

2. Avoid Additional Heat: If you’ve been potting about by the water all day it’s best to avoid exposing your hair to additional heat, say if you want to blow-dry or style using a heat tool. Check out Wella’s best tips for air-drying your hair.

3. Minimise Peak Exposure: If you’re planning to be outside most of the time this summer, try and aim for the mornings or late afternoons. Although you won’t escape the sun, you’ll avoid the harshest and most damaging UV rays. Bonus points if you follow a UV index to protect yourself from the highs.

4. Invest in Wella’s Solar Range!: This is our golden ticket to nourishing and moisturising beautiful healthy locks all summer long! The Wella solar range is full of so much goodness it protects hair from the most damaging elements of summer: strong UV rays, salt, and pool chlorine. The solar range has both pre-sun and post-sun treatments that assist in preventing green pool hair, colour fading, brassiness, and breakages. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Consisting of 5 beautiful products, the Solar Range is filled with the nutrients our hair needs to maintain its look and feel all summer long.

 – Sol1  Hair & Body Shampoo – is our go-to product of the Solar range. And yes, Body, you read that right, this baby is for all over! It not only moisturises and cleanses as most shampoos do, but this beauty gently removes sunscreen even the waterproof kind, salt and chlorine residue!

–  Sol2 Hydro-Repair Conditioner – Hello and welcome to the hydration station! This fragrant conditioner detangles and repairs hair that’s had excessive sun, chlorine and saltwater exposure. Unlike most conditioners, this one is activated in just 30 seconds! It’ll replace moisture and lipids lost through salt and chlorine water. Get back that silky feel and natural-looking shine.

–  Sol3 Solar Cream – Frizz-free, please! This little luxurious blend of protective oils and UV broadband filters will give you SPF during and after sun exposure. A daily dose of this sealing cream provides nourishment and protection against dryness and frizz from UV rays, salt and chlorine!

– Sol4 Sun Oil – A multi-purpose luxurious oil that protects hair from summer aggressions made with Avocado oil. This gorgeous sun oil will deeply condition, provide UV protection as well as reduce frizz and flyways during and after sun exposure. Keep those locks soft and smooth all summer long with this glory oil!

–  Sol5 Solar HelioSpray – This water-resistant spray all-in-one non-greasy spray will not only provide UV protection, but it’s the number one solar product that provides colour fading and protein damage protection. Keep your hair intact and boost its resilience against breakages with the Helio Spray. Thank us later!


Safe to say that if you stick to these tips and product suggestions this summer and your hair will be protected, nourished and glossy all summer long!  The Solar Range is available for purchase online or in-store.

If you’d like to find out more about the range and what products would suit your hair best, feel free to contact us at our Malvern hair salon.