Anaka: Anna, how important has your efforts in remaining ‘true to your vision’ been in the success of the business now and in the future?

Anna Ntalianis: Our Vision at Anaka is to empower our clients through Creativity, Service and Product. Inspired by myself and the team through culture and communication, a strong vision is important for me as leader and should make the team feel involved and part of the salon’s BIGGER picture.

Having a vison is one thing, but you need to stay committed to it, and by doing so, should feel uncomfortable at times – that is how you know you’re dreaming, and that you’re one step closer to achieving your mission. Whenever you get off track or lose focus always remember your vision – we are currently getting ours made into artwork for the salon!

A: What is your vision and can you tell us some smaller, daily efforts and also larger perhaps annual goals you work on in remaining true to it?

AN: When working with a team-vision, the most important person to empower is yourself, so I make a constant effort to work on personal development through various courses and seminars in business and spirituality. This knowledge gained is in turn passed onto my team through daily huddles or ‘Vibes of the Tribe’ sessions where we sit down and talk about what is currently working, what are we creating? How can we do things better and what values do we want to focus on for the day ahead? This is all in addition to a personal goals and incentive structure for each Anaka operator.

A: What advice would you give others who are perhaps finding it difficult to find/understand their vision?

AN: When working on your vision it’s a process of evolution. A vision should be completely unique to the individual and change as you develop and grow. One thing to remember is that your vision must always be an extension of you, and who you are – no one else – an insight inspired by the great Jack Delosa.

A: Where do you see Anaka in five years – what goals have you set and what is your strategy in meeting them?

AN: Our mission as a salon is to be industry leaders and innovators. In 5 years the goal is to have another two successful salons – each as reputable in service, products, operators and creativity as the original. We also aspire to produce and be part of more creative projects, photoshoots and collaborations – always upskilling as individuals and a team.

A: Who or what inspires your vision?

AN: Successful Australian hairdressers such as Frank Apostolopoulos, Joey Scandizzo and Renya Xydis – not only are they incredible business people but they all push creative boundaries across show, session and photographic platforms.

Steve Jobs is another inspiration and notorious boundary-pusher. He never allowed distraction to distort his vision.

Melbourne local Jack Delosa has created a business course driven by his passion to push civilisation forward with better educated entrepreneurs, encouraging all to live with purpose. I have been part of this business education for the last year and one the many mottos they use is ‘get comfortable with the uncomfortable.’

A: What is your short term vision for your hair? And what products will make it happen for you?

AN: At the moment l really like the textured Kate Moss-disheveled look.

Key products for this style are:

Wella SP Volume Shampoo
Anaka Hydrate Conditioner
Sebastian Texture Spray
Potion 9 (on the ends for condition)
Wella Drynamic Dry shampoo

Image source: Pinterest