Anaka: Makeup isn’t always about fierce cheekbones and smoky eyes, it’s as much about subtly complementing our natural features, sitting in harmony with skin and idiosyncracies such as freckles and brows. What should ladies keep in mind when looking for the perfect products to stay true to their natural beauty?

Dora Ntalianis: For those lucky ones with great skin, use a quality bb cream and highlighter to really embrace a beautiful, natural complexion. If you have big eyes flaunt them with fake lashes for a dramatised look – and don’t be mistaken by the term ‘fake lashes,’ these accessories can be natural providing the perfect product choice. My personal favourite is the humble eyebrow pencil – it can make such a difference to your face just by filling or reshaping. The main thing to keep in mind is, makeup is fun and there to enhance our natural beauty – not hide it!

A: Can you tell us some hero techniques to keep in mind when working with brows that perhaps aren’t classified perfect? Brows that may need a little lengthening or body to compensate for over-tweezing as teenagers …. When we weren’t great at staying true to our natural selves!

DN: My favorite product at the moment is The Curtis Collection Brow/Blender in Soft Taupe – it’s a medium shade so can be used for lighter-to-darker brows. The product’s very natural effect means you can lengthen and fill without that harsh, drawn-on result. Unfortunately I am one of the guilty ones when it comes to a past of over-tweezing (and they haven’t grown back!) so this is my daily hero-product.

A: What are some natural beauty trends you can share for consideration?

DN: I think mineral makeup is a beauty trend here to stay. The modern woman continues to purchase products with a conscience, and these products are kind to skin and the environment – not to mention the benefits of immaculate coverage minus the look and feel of heavy makeup. At Anaka, we stock some amazing CC and BB Creams – another trend here to stay and synonymous with a flawless finish.

A: Working in the business of beauty, do you often come across individuals who may not be skilled in the art of staying to true to themselves – and if so, what advice would you offer them in the quest of doing so?

I believe staying true to yourself is an inner journey that requires the individual to really embrace everything about themselves – good and bad – and then start being grateful for the features that make them unique. As I said earlier, makeup should be used as a tool to enhance natural beauty, not hide it. I think the more we embrace ourselves the more we will want to look like ‘us’ as opposed to someone else.

A: We all get swayed or persuaded by other people’s opinion or their own vision from time-to-time – which can often be a good thing, but just as often not. Is there something you think, do, or remind yourself of when you start to lose sight of ‘you,’ your vision and what you want?

DN: I often have to journey to my inner-self and ask what it is that I want to be and achieve. As you grow that can change. My one constant vision is to empower women and that will never change – anything that brings women down I make an effort not to be part of.

A: Best thing about working among the Anaka vision?

DN: The people! Having the privilege to work with likeminded individuals is amazing. We all embrace positive thinking and focus on empowering anyone that walks through the door. We all make the time to really listen to each other.

Image source: Pinterest