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Share The Love and let us reward you x

Share The Love and let us reward you x

As most already know, at Anaka we’re all about sharing the love – the love of beautiful, healthy hair and tailored trends. The love of professional products that make your life easier in the short and long term, and the love of salon culture designed to evoke a sense of calm and confidence.
Throughout the coming months we’re inviting all existing clientele to join us in ‘sharing the love’ with a series of referral incentives as listed below – the more friends you bring the more we love you back.


REFER ONE FRIEND and receive a complimentary professional styling product tailored to your individual hair and style-needs.


REFER TWO FRIENDS and be pampered with a complimentary treatment and luxurious head massage with hot stones.


REFER THREE FRIENDS and you’ll enjoy a full-size bottle of prescribed shampoo and conditioner.


REFER FOUR FRIENDS for a cut and style service with your preferred stylist at 50 per cent off!


REFER FIVE FRIENDS and you’ll walk home with a brand new professional hair dryer, or if you’re one of our loyal male clientele, a fresh new pair of hand-held clippers.


We look forward to rewarding your loyalty. x