At Anaka, we’re all about the luxury of choice. From your basin ritual to preferred operator, product selection and ultimate hair colour, we take pride in an extended service offering for every hair need and desire.

But it’s no secret that we love colour. From the brightest balayage to most subtle highlights, the strength of grey and youth of babylights, we live and breathe the power of colour and its unlimited potential. So naturally, our colour menu is long and strong – a plethora of opportunities for every age, hair type and colour dream.

With the turn of 2016 upon us, we invite you to explore our most popular colour services … New Year, new you!


Chasing that sunkissed, youthful vibe all about the good times? Babylilghts is the sun seeker’s ultimate service, taking fine sections and seamlessly fusing layers of brunette-blonde tones for warm contrast and the illusion of life in the sun.


Babylights’ older sister, the Bronde trend puts hair colour’s oldest rivalry to rest. This service elegantly combines classic blonde and brunette tones for one, all-over bright and light buttery result. A nice transition for blondes or brunette’s seeking change without drastic transformation.


To the French, Balayage is to paint or sweep. For the professional colour technician, it’s a free-hand colour technique to create depth and the forever-current ombre blend. Suitable for men and women, short and long hair alike, this organic technique minimizes signs of regrowth and can be used to create a highlight and lowlight effect.

Ecaille | The Tortoise Shell

The 2016 revolution, Ecaille is a flickering marble effect of three or more complimenting tones. A more technical service than Balyage, Ecaille is all about creative colour placement for a multidimensional result – every hair flick uncovering a unique colour combination.

Platinum Blonde

The purest definition of blonde, this timeless trend bleaches and tones hair to the point of almost-white. For dedicated bombshells only.

Candy Colour

The fearless trend that has proved it’s here to stay, candy colour works for men and women of all ages. From all-over lilac to subtle pieces of magenta, the candy colour trend can be as lively or sophisticated as you please. From bright to muted pastels, the possibilities are endless.

Going Grey

Taking Instagram by storm this unlikely trend has delivered new meaning to going grey. Adopted by the fashion forward, the ‘Granny Hair’ service is for the young to mature client looking to make a statement. From an all over application to custom balayage results, varying depths of grey and silver combine for one striking effect.

Men’s Colour

Why should ladies have all the fun? Men’s hair colour is a popular salon service with endless possibilities. From all-over platinum to pops of colour and simple grey coverage, there’s a colour option for every lifestyle.

Image source: Pinterest