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Leading Hair Trends for Summer 2023

Leading Hair Trends for Summer 2023

There is no better way to start the New Year: a lovely coastal walk before heading to the beach and sipping on a cold Aperol spritz on a hot summer’s day and bringing in the new year laying about on Sorrento’s back beach with a slight sea breeze and occasionally freshening up with a quick dip. Like, hello 2023, we are fabulous and ready to accomplish anything and everything you have in store for us this year!

As we fell back into normality in 2022, we were fearless with our looks, eager to be bold and experiment with chops and colours that took us back to the days of the top deck or copper colour blocks, wispy fringes, pixie cuts and slick back looks. 2022 was full of 90’s and 00s nostalgia for hairstyles and colour trends, and we went out with absolutely fabulous BANG!

Coming in hot this summer

Curtain Bangs – No surprise that our number #1 leading hair trend this Summer is Curtain Bangs.  From Anne Hathaway to Dakota Johnston, Khloe Kardashian, Bella Hadid, or our sweet Bridgeton beauty Phoebe Dynevor, just a few of our favourite celebrities who rock effortless-looking and chic as-ever bangs at the moment.

If you’re currently bangless and are wondering if bangs are for you, the answer is Curtain Bangs! Curtain Bangs is the simplest, most versatile way to venture into bangs. Whether you have curly, straight or wavey hair, start with a slight chop and go shorter or shabbier as you feel more comfortable and confident with your new look.

Curtain Bangs are an effortless way to add dimension, volume and style to any look! From a quick messy updo to bounce around at Prahran markets or walk along St Kilda to a stylish, sleek blowout for window shopping and lunch with the girls on High Street, Armadale curtain bangs are the #1 go-to for hairstyle trends this month.

We love that this style of bangs is long enough to pin back, grow out or cut shorter if you dare to be so bold. Ask your hairstylist on your next visit to our Malvern Salon what length of bangs would suit your face shape, and get our best styling tips for this versatile, effortless, stylish look!

Cascading Longer Locks – Whether thanks to lush hair fillers or extensions or some old-fashioned growth, our number #2 hair trend is getting longer by the day! Longer locks give us more to play with in terms of length, style, experiments, sass and volume!

Adding length or thickness like Hailey Beiber, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner, to name a few leading ladies, will give you the ultimate luxe girl look and feel. We only use Great lengths extensions as they are 100% chemical and guilt-free! Find out more about the benefits and features of Great Lengths extensions here.

So if you want to add some length, volume or thickness without compromising your natural look, then contact us at Anaka to get a free Great Lengths hair extension consultation. Plus, ask us today about how you can get up to $500 off your first Great Lengths hair extension appointment at our Malvern Hair Salon.

Boujee Blonde Baby! –  Well, well, well, look who we have here! Surprised? Boujee Blonde is back, bigger than ever and not afraid to show off for 2023! But this year, she’s a little bit high-maintenance, elegant, seductive and, oh just a bit expensive-looking as any luxe look is.

This immaculate combination of blonde is natural, effortless and creamy! Our signature Boujee Blonde features light golden (not brassy, don’t stress, we’ve got you girl!) blonde with multi-dimensional warmer beiges and milky blonde tones that are impeccably entwined through the hair.

This look commonly features face framing and is becoming increasingly popular because of its fluidity of colour, which is why it’s landed at #3 on our Leading Hair Trends for Summer 2023! So if you’re after a lighter look this summer, say… Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively vibes, the ‘it girls’ known for their signature blondes, then check out our Blonde Packages.

Score yourself a brighter look with our current Boujee Blonde Packages available with our emerging stylists from $330, including a full head of foils, tipping, toner and dry-off!To view our full selection of Blonde Packages available our Anaka, contact our Malvern Salon today!

And to finish an Impactful list of hair trends for this summer is the late, the great, the I’m ready in a jiffy….

Wet Look! – This look will get you from A to B and beyond, as it’s just a quick slick and shape, and you’re good to go. Extreme shine and ultra-glossy wet looks are so in our top 2023 trend. They are set to be everywhere! YSL and Chanel both showed us how this look could be worn, and baby, she is versatile! Any style, any part or no part and any length.

Whether she’s sleeked up in a high-top bun or silked back and down, this is the look that’s climbing the ranks and is oh-so suitable for this hot season. No need to stress about humid hair frizz or sweaty locks this summer, simple, sleek and sophisticated the wet look can take you anywhere this summer and all you need is a few Wella products to get you there!

Our ridiculously talented and gorgeous founder, Anna shows us how to do the easiest, sleekest and glossiest wet look right here on her insta tutorial! If you need products to achieve this look, contact the salon today to find out what’s best for your hair!


And that’s a wrap on our Top Hair Trends for this Summer!

Whether you want to add more depth, dimension or flare to your current look, or are looking for a total glam-up, every service is so you can trust us to produce the goods.

Let’s chat in your first consult as we have a full range of colouring services including balayage, colour tints and more.