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I DO (want the perfect bridal-beauty experience)

I DO (want the perfect bridal-beauty experience)

Anaka Artistic Director and birdal-specialist, Anna delivers the keys to a fun, relaxed wedding morning.

How many trials do you recommend in order to experience an easy, flawless hair and beauty session on the morning of one’s wedding day? And for bridesmaids – do they require trials, and if so how many?

It really depends on the individual. I’ve taken care of brides who are not fussy and decide against having a trial, however in most cases I would recommend at least one.

Two trials are plenty and l usually schedule these appointments early in the day for maximum wearability – this enables the bride to make sure she feels comfortable with the look.

Bridesmaids do not usually require trials unless the bride requests a certain style to compliment her look.

Is it a difficult process to decide on the perfect look?

It’s not uncommon for brides to experience indecision when it comes to deciding on the perfect look. In these cases, we sit down together and chat about the dress, consider the wedding theme and evolve a complimenting style from there.

What kind of time frame should the bride allow for hair and makeup – for both herself and bridesmaids?

On the big day we recommend at least 45 minutes for each service, hair and makeup – so approximately 1.5 hours per person. This time frame is one we’ve arrived at after many years’ experience in bridal styling and makeup. If the style is particularly intricate, we will reassess and schedule time accordingly.

More often than not I work with an assistant in the initial stages of hair design – this speeds up the process allowing the hair to sit for as long as possible in ‘prep’ stage. The benefit?  A style that lasts all day … and night!

Is there a home hair and beauty routine brides-to-be should consider in the days/weeks leading into the wedding for an effortless hair and beauty experience?

Hair baring minimal damage is the easiest to work with and for this I recommend brides-to-be always use a professional shampoo and conditioner such as Anaka Volume or Hydrate Shampoo.

Upon briefing the bride and bridesmaid(s), I always ask that hair is washed the night prior and to avoid heavy amounts of conditioner. Why? Because (especially if we’re going for an up-style) the hair needs its natural oils for ample workability. If hair is too clean, we have to apply more product than otherwise necessary in order to create grit and longevity.

For the regular colour client slash bride-to-be, how many days prior to the wedding should a colour refresh take place in order for the hair and colour to settle?

We always recommend a bride to colour their hair two weeks prior to the wedding – especially if they are blonde! It is also important for us to determine if the client prefers their colour fresh and bright or after it has had a week to settle – booking them accordingly.

What are some most commonly requested wedding styles, and which are trending this wedding season? 

Wedding hair has definitely become less sculptured and more textural – this is a direct result of bridal fashion taking a more relaxed, bohemian approach. When I first started working with brides, the hair was usually all pulled back in a low bun. Today, the modern bride is all about hair that is loose and free falling, beautiful salt-licked texture balancing between mermaid and glamour-goddess. Half-up, half-down styles are also popular at the moment and strike a nice balance for those keen on a style both formal and relaxed.

How do you ensure the style will last from morning through to evening?

The days of pulled back buns were simple to maintain with a travel size hairspray, however with today’s more free-flowing texture, good product and strong preparation is essential.

At Anaka we have been working with hair extensions to strengthen the staying power of more organic wedding styles – a seamless and perfectly natural enhancement guarantee to go undetected. We also offer a day-service whereby an Anaka artist is on-hand throughout the morning and afternoon to assist with any required hair and makeup touch-ups.


We look forward to guiding you through each of these steps for a fun and relaxed bridal-beauty experience.  

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