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HOW TO: Prevent Breakage in 5 Easy Steps

HOW TO: Prevent Breakage in 5 Easy Steps

Blonde, brunette, cropped or cascading curls, the Anaka crew are constantly quizzed on the best-steps to avoiding and/or treating breakage and the dreaded split end. Here, Anaka’s experts on inspired, healthy hair lay down five simple steps to avoid those dry, tattered ends.

Wella System Professional Trio Repair Pack: This value pack combines Wella SP Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and Repair Mask, a powerful combination ready to repair hair from roots to tips. Perfect for dry and over processed hair, Repair Shampoo and Conditioner work together to intensively restore and prevent damage while gently cleansing and revitalizing. Hydrolysed Keratin Protein and conditioning agents calm hair’s structure and smooth the cuticle to diminish the appearance of split ends. A healthy balance is restored to hair and scalp and once dry, depleted hair is left looking healthy, soft and shining with brilliance. Finally, Wella SP Repair Mask adds Cationic agents and Silicone to the mix, working together from the inside out to repair and restore full hair-health.

Olaplex: We’ve preached the unrivalled benefits of Olaplex before and we’ll do it again. This revolutionary product has changed the way both hairdressers and clients perceive the possibilities of hair colour and health. The Olaplex chemistry multiplies and cross-links bonds in the hair – bonds that have broken in the colour or heat styling process, or from harsh environmental/lifestyle factors. Hair is left stronger and breakage is reduced with every application.

Cloud Nine Original Iron: It’s no secret that heat styling is guilty-as-charged when it comes to hair damage, however armed with the right products and tools, your ends are safe as sound. The Cloud Nine Original Iron boasts a range of low, medium and high temperatures (from 100-200 degrees) enabling the right temperature selection for your hair. The one-touch temperature control lets you change the heat setting easily, and with clear LED display, you’ll always know what level of heat you’re applying to your hair.

Heat Protection: Do your hair a favor and apply a heat protection spray prior to styling. It’s a quick and easy addition to your home hair-regime, and one your ends will be forever thankful for! Chat to your Anaka stylist for a personalized recommendation on the best spray for you.

Get a Haircut! There’s a reason Anaka prompts all clients to re-book upon checking out of the salon. Six-to-eight weeks is the guide – a frequency which enables your stylist to ensure healthy hair and importantly no split ends. Breakage will continue if left unattended, however simply re-book and avoid unsightly splits all together!

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