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Fix your Flawless

Fix your Flawless

Luminous skin, perfectly paired foundation, the ultimate blush palette and bright, lifted eyes … despite last night’s Christmas party. One Anaka client gets to the bottom of achieving that professional makeup finish at home.

Client: They say that healthy, glowing skin is a great start to flawless makeup application, however due to hormones, environment and lifestyle this isn’t always an option. How do I best prep my skin prior to makeup application for immaculate results?

Dora: Correct, clean, hydrated skin will give you the best coverage and for this I recommend using a non-oily highly-hydrating moisturizer (such as Dermalogica Active Moist) as part of your regular beauty routine.

Secondly, it’s all about the primer.  I suggest the Curtis Collection Pore Perfecting Primer which instantly reduces the appearance of pores, smoothes skin and minimizes fine lines for a flawless finish every time. Dermat Complex controls unwanted shine and Salicylic acid is added to control breakouts, encourage skin resurfacing and eliminate pore blockage – keeping skin clearer over time. This multi-tasking primer provides oil-free hydration, skin remains continuously moisturised and makeup is sure to last all day. Wear alone or under foundation for extended wear.

Client: There are so many foundations on the market, how do I select the perfect one for me?

Dora: The perfect foundation for your skin-type is essential for a flawless finish. For a dewy finish I recommend the Curtis Collection Naked Finish BB cream or Airbrush Finish Foundation. For an immaculate finish on oily skin, select Curtis Collection’s top selling Luxurious Liquid to Powder Foundation – the product glides on effortlessly and sets to a semi-matte finish. And remember, Anaka’s beauty experts are always on hand to suggest the perfect product for you!

 Client: Is your concealer supposed to be lighter or darker than your foundation?

Dora: Concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation – be sure to finish off your concealer to prevent creasing.

Client: Particularly at this time of year, I find myself attempting to lift and brighten tired eyes – not to mention concealing the dark circles lurking beneath. What is the secret to this?

Dora: To lift tires eyes I like to start with a concealer and then choose one of the amazing Mineral Illuminating Highlight Pens by Curtis Collection – powered by bio-transformed botanical extracts and photo-reflective pigments, skin is instantly brightened and illuminated.

The Curtis Collection Complexion Highlighter instantly diminishes dark circles, fine lines and signs of fatigue leaving you looking refreshed, rested and rejuvenated … despite how you may feel on the inside!

Client: When using heavily pigmented lipsticks, even if I apply a lip conditioner first, the colour starts to crack and seep into the crevices of my lips – how do I avoid this?

Dora: When choosing a lipstick try to select an option high in hydrating properties. I stay away from colour-stay lipsticks as they tend to be too drying. It also helps to use lip primer before applying your colour of choice.

Client: While I often associate ‘pink’ with blush, there are so many different shades – from pink, to orange and gold – how do I select the best shade for me?

Dora: It all depends on skin colour. Here is a general guideline to selecting the perfect blush for you:

Brunettes – pink tones

Fair skin – orange tones

Tanned skin – bronze/gold tones

Client: Often, when attempting to cover a blemish, it appears more obvious than prior to concealing – how do I flawlessly cover a blemish?

Dora: If your blemish has a red undertone use green concealer undertone to counteract the red and use press powder to seal the coverage. If it’s dry in texture, I suggest using a cream concealer.

Client: What is your ultimate daily summer-beauty routine?

Dora: Primer, flawless mineral foundation, bronzer, mascara, concealer, illuminator, dust of shadow and a nude lip (or go bright if you’re feeling that way inclined). The key is a great base and bronzer in all the right areas. Not sure where the ‘right’ areas are? Sign up for one of Anaka’s upcoming beauty classes – we serve champagne and entry is redeemable on product!


Anaka is a proud stockist of Curtis Collection.

Image source: Pinterest