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Bond Girl

Bond Girl

Endorsed by LA-based celebrity (hair) colourist Tracey Cunnigham, Olaplex is the three-step system causing blondes and keratin lovers the world over to take a collective sigh of relief. In town for Hair Expo in June, we caught up with Olaplex Vice President of Education, Sarah Slim to learn a little more about this innovation and what exactly it does for hair.

“Whenever you want to change the chemistry of hair, whether that’s with bleach, colour or texture, you have to break the disulphide bonds. Once you break these bonds, only a percentage of them actually reform and create a paradigm, which is a perfect pair, and that’s what gives your hair strength and structure,” explains Sarah.

“The other percentage of these bonds does not find a pair and work as single bonds. When you have too many single bonds in the hair, the hair becomes weak and dry because protein literally gets eaten out of single bonds.”

“So what Olaplex does is link and multiply broken bonds for hair that is literally stronger than it was prior to salon service. The revolutionary ingredient has eight worldwide patents, contains no protein, mositurises, relaxers or keratin and actually repairs the internal structure of the hair,” she said.

The Olaplex treatment begins in-salon with your Anaka technician – a concentrated dose first added to your colour formula/lightener before a second basin treatment post-rinse. The third stage is designed for clients to apply at home for enhanced strengthening between services.

At Anaka, we’ve embraced the product with open arms as not only does it enable a strong healthy canvas for us to get creative with, but grants our clients the gift of change minus breakage and extensive applications.

Ask us how Olaplex can work for you!