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Behind the Blonde

Client: I walk out of the salon with clean, creamy blonde hair but after two weeks its more gold than vanilla. How do I prevent this?

Lou: To prevent hair going gold I would always recommend using Anaka Blonde Shampoo – the formula brightens and tones simultaneously allowing your blonde ample longevity. Regular non-prescriptive shampoo can dull your blonde or worse, over tone. Finish with Anaka Blonde Conditioner for your no-gold guarantee. Made locally in Victoria and with vegan formulas, the Anaka line is good for your blonde and your conscience!

Client: Why is it that sometimes my blonde highlights grow out seamlessly, and other times with an obvious band separating the regrowth from the previous highlight application – how can this be avoided or are there any particular colour techniques I should ask for to avoid this?

Lou: Colour banding or regrowth is all about the technique your colourist employs. At Anaka we work with the client to tailor one of many application processes to not only meet immediate colour goals, but also the client’s lifestyle and the desired blonde-maintenance level. This is why we take the consultation process so seriously at Anaka – discussing with the client tones, feature framing and regrowth prevention just as a start.

Client: Depending on the Blonde Shampoo, sometimes I find the use of it can make my blonde appear grey/silver – why is this?

Lou: Some blonde shampoos and conditioners contain a more concentrated level of purple or blue pigment and as a result can overtone, leaving the hair grey or silver. Anaka’s Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner contain the perfect amount of pigment ensuring a brighter blonde.

Client: If I choose to stray from my blonde, to a darker alternative, how long will it take to revert back to blonde, and will my hair suffer damage?

Lou: It depends on how long you intend on staying dark for, and also the products you use. Take Khloe Kardashian for example, it took her and her colourist about a year or more to get the perfect blonde – it certainly doesn’t happen overnight, but with products like Olaplex now at our disposal we’re able to push the hair a little further without subsequent damage – meaning a swifter, smoother conversion back to blonde. So die-hard blondes beware! You need to head into a colour transformation 100 per cent ready for the change.

Client: Does Olaplex truly make a difference to the blonding process, and is it a necessity to use the Olaplex home-care for best results?

Lou: The entire three-step Olaplex system is amazing, particularly for those looking to go lighter or take their existing blonde to a new level. I’ve been using the take-home (step 3) for a while now and my hair is stronger and thicker, and my natural curl has returned. As the Olaplex treatment is a bonding treatment, I recommend my clients also use a hydrating treatment for ample results.

Client: Is blonde hair more prone to split ends?

Lou: Not necessarily, it depends on your hair. Any colour treated or frequently heat-styled hair is prone to splot, but this can be avoided with the use of great professional shampoos, conditioners and treatments … and Olaplex, it really is a game changer!

Client: What is the ultimate home haircare routine for blondes?

Lou: Step 1. Apply Olaplex Step 3 at home before bed, and sleep with it in overnight.
Step 2. In the morning, wash out the Olaplex and use Wella Professionals Repair Shampoo followed by Anaka Blonde Shampoo to keep the blonde fresh.
Step 3. Apply Anaka Blonde Conditioner, leave in for 2 minutes then rinse.
Step 4. Once out of the shower, apply the bhave Smooth Operator Leave in Crème and after drying/styling, apply bhave Fresh Ends Serum.


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