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BE BOLD: BE BLONDE with Anaka Senior Stylist, Lou Kirchner

BE BOLD: BE BLONDE with Anaka Senior Stylist, Lou Kirchner

ANAKA: Lou, you’ve been a beautiful blonde for years now – what is it about being blonde that empowers you?

Lou: Being blonde empowers me to be more confident, sexy and flirtatious. But importantly, I’m blonde for myself – not for anyone else.

A: What is one of the boldest/bravest things you’ve done?

LK: Going overseas by myself to experience the world. From a hair perspective, cutting it much shorter and always changing my style – ultimately creating my own, personal ‘look of the week.’ All accentuated a little further with a bright, bold lip!

A: When you’re nervous or feeling fearful, how do you overcome these feelings?

LK: Mediation really calms my mind, I also remind myself to ‘just let go’ and overcome whatever is stimulating those feelings. It’s all adrenalin at the end of the day, so take that energy and use it for the greater good.

A: If bold were a pair of shoes, what would they be?

LK: Knee-high boots – if you can pull them off. Think Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman-style, there’s nothing that screams confidence and sexiness like a killer pair of knee-highs. Very Nineties too – which is right on trend!

A: Who is the bravest person you know?

LK: Me! I’ve learnt to accept the lessons life gives you – always looking forward and moving on with the motive of inner-strength. I am very grateful for the person I am today.

A: What is a bold wardrobe item you’re wearing this season?

LK: My collection of yoga pants – so many bold colours and prints!

A: What is your definition of a bold hairstyle?

LK: Colour! Full-blonde despite its commonality is a huge beauty statement. Fiery copper, reds – any bright, beautiful tone sums up a bold hairstyle for me.

A: What is on your to-do list today?

LK: Do you really want to know?! Up at 5:15am to meditate then off to Soul Barre, Patterson Lakes for a Pilates Barre workout, rest for 30min, a quick gym session and then work from 11am – 9pm where I’m lucky enough to make people feel beautiful all day!


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