You’ve more than likely spotted one of these clean, minimalistic timepieces slung across the wrist of your ultimate Instagram-mer or fashion-slash-lifestyle blogger. Since its launch, The Fifth Watches brand has made swift work of the market, already resting in the Australian success-story sector with big sights for the future. 378 thousand Instagram followers is nothing to sneeze at – limited edition luxury at an affordable price point – pretty genius really. We caught up with The Fifth founder, Mr Alex McBride to chat goals for 2016 and just what it takes to turn your back on the corporate world and make your own (very successful) way.

Anaka: Passion holds unique definition from one individual to the next – how would you describe ‘passion?

Alex McBride: To me, ‘passion’ is that driving force that gets me excited each morning to take on a new day. It is about doing what I love and constantly striving for more.

A: How important is passion in what you do on a daily basis?

AM: So important. To be successful at anything you need to be passionate about it. Without it I’d struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Instead I’m up at 6.30am and straight in the gym to get my mind/body active – this followed by a minimum 12 hour work day. The fact is, when you’re passionate about something it never becomes a chore. This is the case with my work. I’m one of the lucky ones in this sense.

A: What advice would you give others seeking to feel more bold and inspired about what they do in 2016?

AM: Find something you love doing and do it. This sounds a little cliché but it’s true. In our day and age there are so many opportunities out there. I feel the more you chase what you actually love doing the more good things/opportunities will come. It could be as simple as pursuing a hobby. Recently we’ve created a brand called ‘Taylor Boardshort Co’ which was born from a group of friends’ shared passion for fun activities.

A: Who or what do you look to when in need of a boost in dedication and determination professionally and/or personally?

AM: First off, always surround yourself with go-getters. The more you are around go-getters the more you’ll become one. However, when looking for inspiration I take some time out to really visualise what I want. I hadn’t realised the importance of this until I started the business and everything seemed to fall into place. Determination and dedication always need to come from within so that is where I like to start. If I can’t feel it then it probably won’t happen.

A: Name a person, dead or alive, that lives/lived boldly in your opinion?

AM: Basically, I admire anyone who is at the top of their game. This includes actors, professional athletes, entrepreneurs etc. Working hard on a start-up business myself, I can appreciate the amount of bold commitment, dedication, resilience and passion these people must practice daily in the acquisition of their goals.

A: How important are goals in the acquisition and/or maintenance and growth of passion?

AM: Goals are super important but just setting them is not enough. You really need to feel what you want to achieve. As I mentioned earlier, visualising what you want, is key. Every part of you needs to be committed to it. In this sense, goals and passion are one in the same to me. I am passionate about what I want and goal setting is all part of the process.

A: List a professional and/or personal goal you have set yourself for 2016?

AM: Where do I start? Having our company reach a point of success in such a short period of time has allowed our minds to run with big ideas. Watch this space.

A: If passion were a pair of shoes, name the brand and style?

AM: Balenciaga high tops.

A: Hair Goals for 2016?

AM: Long hair! Previously working a corporate job I was never able to ‘let my hair down’ so to speak. This year I’m aiming for length.

Image source: @thefifthwatches