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Auburn for Autumn at Anaka

Auburn for Autumn at Anaka

Hello Autumn!

As autumn arrives in Melbourne and the leaves start to turn, it’s time to shift our focus from summer hair care to autumn hair care. With cooler weather and drier air, our hair needs a little extra TLC to stay hydrated, healthy, and strong. And with new trends emerging every season, it’s also a great time to try out a new look… Auburn for Autumn, perhaps? In this post, our Malvern hair experts have put together the go-to products, tips and trends for this season’s change in Melbourne.

Here are some tips to follow to ensure healthy hair this autumn in Melbourne:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: As the Melbourne weather cools down, the air becomes drier, which can lead to dry, brittle hair. To combat this, make sure to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and consider adding a hair mask or oil treatment to your routine.

Our Malvern hair stylists and hair care gurus are obsessed with the Wella Fusion Range. Stop off at the hydration station with this luxe range that is jam-packed of nutrients your hair needs to stay healthy and hydrated this season. Incorporating Wellaplex in the Fusion range makes it the go-to for our bouncy blondes wanting to maintain healthy strong hair.

Protect your hair from the elements: The colder Melbourne weather can also lead to damage from wind, rain, and snow if you’re planning to hike up the mountains. Protect your hair by wearing a hat, beanie, or scarf when you’re outside in the crisp Melbourne air, and avoid using hot styling tools too often.

We understand you want a stylish hairdo to go with your outfit for a girls’ dinner in Armadale or cocktails in South Yarra. As such, our visionary Malvern hair stylist’s number one pick for a thermal styler to protect your hair from hot styling tools is the Wella – EIMI Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray. Protect your hair from styling tools without the crispy sticky feeling with this go-to thermal protector.

Moving onto top hair trends we’ll be spotting around Melbourne this autumn…

Embrace the natural look: This season’s hair trend is all about embracing your natural texture and letting it shine. Whether you have wavy, curly, or straight hair, let it air dry and add a little product to enhance your natural texture.

Add some colour: If you’re feeling adventurous, autumn is a great time to try a new hair colour. This season’s popular shades include rich browns, warm blondes, and coppery reds.

Try a new haircut: Autumn is also a great time to switch up your haircut. This season’s trends include blunt bobs, shaggy layers, and long, loose waves.

Remember, taking care of your hair is important all year round, but with a little extra attention, you can keep your locks healthy and stylish all autumn long.

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