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Anaka launch self-titled haircare line

From fine to the chemically treated, Anaka's NEW care line has something for all hair types

Anaka launch self-titled haircare line

Brought to you from the heart of Anaka salon owners and founders, Kara Layton and Anna Ntalianis, Anaka officially symbolises more than a successful salon and team of award winning stylists, now representing a nature-loving set of professional haircare products.


The self-titled professional haircare range has launched with five hero products – Anaka Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner and Anaka Blonde Shampoo; the ultimate solution for clients seeking haircare minus the chemicals.


“We noticed a gap in our salon offering when it came to a set of products offering clients the quality care, toning, hydration and volume they expect from a shampoo and conditioner, yet without the nasties – natural-driven products that do what they say, no hidden chemicals,” explains Anaka Artistic Director, Kara Layton.


Anna and Kara are proud of the fact their products are SULPHATE, PARABIN PRESERVATIVE AND PETROCHEMICAL FREE, made in purified water and 100% VEGAN FRIENDLY – no animal testing.


Anna and Kara’s initial product and ingredient selection was based on the demands and requirements of their valued clientele, with the Blonde Shampoo proving a ‘must-do.’


“We’re well known in Melbourne for our blondes, so it was logical to develop a shampoo that would maintain the brightness of our work between salon visits,” said Anaka Artistic Director, Anna Ntalianis.


“Our clients are walking advertisements for our salon – it made sense for us to create a product that ensures their hair (colour) looks outstanding 24/7.”


Australian made and owned, Kara and Anna invested the time and finances in sourcing the best, most natural list of ingredients for products driven by results, deep hydration and the gift manageability – a holistic experience users can feel good about.


Hero ingredients include Thyme for its healing benefits that stimulate blood circulation, encourage nutrients to the scalp and motivate hair growth, Lavender Oil for its beautiful fragrance, help with dandruff, itchy scalps and hair breakage control, and Macadamia Oil for its softening and body-enhancing capacity.


And of course, science. Hydrolyzed Collagen enhances the look, feel and elasticity of hair by increasing body, suppleness and sheen, while Coco Glucoside – a surfactant, foaming agent, conditioner and emulsifier derived from coconut oil and fruit sugar – provides that lush lather we all seek.


Please don’t hesitate to enquire about Anaka’s new product line upon your next salon visit – we’d love to prescribe the perfect care for your hair!