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Stacey believes ‘eyes are windows to the soul

Confidence & Enhanced Beauty

Lash & Waxing Specialists

A qualified beauty enthusiast for close to a decade, Stacey completed her Diploma in Beauty Therapy at Helene Abicair College, and has since built a solid reputation as one of Melbourne’s leading lash and waxing specialists.


Stacey believes ‘eyes are windows to the soul,’ and loves framing these powerful attributes with tailored, single-lash extensions that add luxury to any look. The ultimate Brazilian specialist, Stacey is an advocate of clean, glowing skin, and ensures every man and woman leaves feeling their absolute best – fresh with renewed confidence and enhanced beauty.


Anaka’s nail consultant, Stacey enjoys working with the client for desired results across the perfect nail beds, and is skilled in the application, maintenance and removal of shellac nails.