The Team behind Anaka

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Anna Ntalianis


Founder and Artistic Director of Anaka, Anna grew up in a large, lively family where hair, makeup and making people feel good was common place. Much like her heritage, Anna’s sights have been big, bright and enterprising from the beginning – an outlook loved and owned by all Anaka staff today.


The essence of ‘people’ is at the core of Anna’s daily goals and long-term aspirations – constantly on a path to motivate, foster and further the best in others. To do this, Anna promotes the importance of honesty and integrity, moving forward, always with respect and compassion for those around you. Productivity is a result of positivity and for Anna and her team, fun, happy vibes are a habit – a way of life.


To empower others, Anna believes her team should first feel empowered, and provides creative and business opportunities for personal growth and creative fulfillment. For Anna, it is all of these things that make Anaka a local leader in customer service, always providing a salon experience to remember.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.


The definition of pocket rocket, Lou is Anaka’s fun filled Artistic Director. Closing in on 25 years of dedication to the hairdressing industry, Lou is serious about remaining one step ahead of international trends, and maintains a skill set to match by travelling the world, training with acclaimed academies including TONI&GUY.

Very rarely without a (cheeky) smile, Lou enjoys a loyal clientele besotted by her ability to listen, before delivering a personalised style channelling lifestyle, character, suitability and inner beauty.

For Lou’s clients, the salon appointment is more like a friendly visit – an afternoon catch up that always ends with fabulous hair. Lou has worked backstage at the likes of Melbourne Fashion Week, Formula 1 (fashion) and Sydney’s Hair Expo, and welcomes ongoing recognition for excellence in men’s barbering skills.



Anaka Senior Stylist Chrissoula’s ultimate accomplishment is following her intuition from Adelaide to Melbourne, allowing fate to walk her into the hands, heart and culture of Anaka.

For Chrissoula hairdressing is about empowerment, the opportunity to listen to fellow human beings in their quest for confidence. It’s all about teamwork for this bright creative – whether that be a client-stylist team of two or within her larger, Anaka family as they work to inspire while providing guests a salon experience that relieves, relaxes and rejuvenates.

While Chrissoula is dedicated to her own self-expression and the globe’s constantly evolving trends, products and celebrity hair-moments, it’s the client’s wants and needs that provide the greatest excitement – for Chrissoula there is nothing more powerful than leaving someone feeling a stronger, more assured self than when they stepped into the salon.

From soft, effortless style, to short-sharp precision, every look and lifestyle is an opportunity to inspire individual greatness.


Ebonie lists her top three values as Respect, Compassion, & Love – three defining traits infiltrating the bubbly stylist’s approach to life at home and in-salon; always leading her client’s through the salon and into their next style with the utmost care, compassion and a healthy dose of creativity. Further to the transformative effects, a suitable hair design can deliver to an individual’s look and lifestyle, Ebonie thrives on the buzz bouncing between Anaka’s four walls – the effects of many creative minds working together within.

For Ebonie, it’s not so much the beauty but the (communicated) flaws she seeks in each client, working to turn these into strengths, a client’s end-of-service smile is always a welcome reminder that she’s in the right place, doing the right thing. With an unswayed positive outlook and infectious passion for her craft, it comes as no surprise that in just four years of hairdressing Ebonie has worked across industry stage shows and competition platforms with great success. Watch this space!



Dora’s obsession with makeup begun many moons ago at the ripe age of 12. Upon applying a lashing of her big sister’s mascara, the beauty essential’s transformative qualities triggered something, and so started Dora’s colourful life in makeup.

Many experimental trials and tribulations followed – with each of them a deeper passion for makeup’s ability to inspire new confidence in a woman. Dora believes that, like an incredible outfit, makeup empowers its wearer through natural enhancement.

For Dora, there is nothing more special than making a woman feel even more beautiful than usual – particularly on special occasions – and for this, starts each day alight with passion, grateful for the gift to make a difference.



Portia entered the world of professional hairdressing just 4.5 years ago and courtesy of pure talent and determination, excelled through her apprenticeship acquiring several industry trophies along the way.

Awarded for skill in the categories of men’s cutting and women’s styling, Portia is now Anaka’s Creative Director and relishes the opportunity to connect, create and forge relationships every day – never without gratitude. Portia listens before placing herself in the shoes of individual clientele or staff members, making an effort to truly relate before proceeding with compassion and fierce creativity.



Anaka’s part-time receptionist, Caroline believes accountability is King – a trait enabling her to breathe integrity, honesty, passion and positivity into each facet of her dynamic journey. A dutiful student of arts/law, Caroline aspires to promote change and practices this frequently as Anaka’s part-time ‘front-of-house’ – supporting dedicated staff as they work together to promote confidence through colour, cut, character and customised care.

Caroline thrives on the salon’s creative environment – once a professional dancer, it is now the salon floor and client experience Caroline choreographs with grace and finesse. A routine built on communication, commitment and attention to detail – a lasting impression for all.



A bonafide fashion fanatic, Elizabeth is Anaka’s tenacious trend hunter, equally inspired by hair as textile design. Currently studying Fashion and Merchandising at RMIT, Elizabeth perceives creative outlets as an opportunity to make positive change for humanity, and uses her time at Anaka as part-time stylist to do exactly that.

Elizabeth lives with discipline and acts with integrity, applying these values to every haircut, colour and/or style she creates. Within Elizabeth’s presence, client and staff alike feel an instant sense of calm – the style enthusiast’s grounded, joyful nature always inspiring empowerment and a prime environment for creativity to flourish.